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La Crema Tapas & Chocolate

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La Crema Tapas & Chocolate — Casual Dining at Its Best
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At La Crema Tapas & Chocolate, you can enjoy small bites of all kinds plus truly decadent desserts. They encourage you to stick around and linger over your food to take in the full dining experience. Everything they do is meant to evoke the essence of Madrid and Barcelona, right down to their dedication to quality service.  

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

When you want to kick back and relax while treating your palate to all the flavors of Spain, point yourself in the direction of La Crema Tapas & Chocolate. Their inspiration comes from the heart of Barcelona and Madrid where they make chocolate and tapas an artform. Also hailing from that beautiful region is the idea that every meal should be an event to behold, one that brings people together and lets them linger over their meal for as long as they want.

With that vision guiding everything they do, this restaurant serves as the top place to go in Rosemary Beach, Florida, when you simply want to get away from it all. Since their food and service is so good and they encourage everyone to hang around, it can be difficult to snag a table. But once you do, it’s your turn to soak in the ambiance and take in the full dining experience.

The second your server brings the menus to your table, get the party going with a little something to drink. They have everything from glasses and bottles of wine to beer and soda. You also cannot lose by whetting your appetite with a taste of their hummus, which comes with perfectly seared pita. After that, just order whatever you like, whenever you want it, and relax in the knowledge that you’re supposed to linger around and enjoy your meal.

Don’t leave without trying their:

Patatas Bravas
If you adore scrumptious fried potatoes, you’ve absolutely got to try their Patatas Bravas. They start this simple dish with a bed of crispy fried potatoes. Over the top of that, they add roasted chili-tomato sauce and charred scallion aioli.

Malaga Shrimp
When you order the Malaga Shrimp, you get to enjoy all the decadent flavors of the Gulf, bite after bite. This dish features thick slices of toasted farm bread adorned with perfectly cooked Gulf shrimp at the corners of the plate. In the middle, they put a bed of spinach covered in olives, tomato, red onion, and whipped goat cheese. Then, spicy chili sauce finishes it all off just right.

Steak Empanadas
The Steak Empanadas have just the right amount of crunch plus savory spices that promise to delight. They are made using shredded steak, green apple, and cream cheese that’s folded up in two puff pastry shells. After that, they put them in the oven until golden brown, then smother them in cumin aioli.

Seafood Paella
People come from far and wide just for a taste of their Seafood Paella. This classic dish starts with perfectly cooked saffron rice that’s topped with sauteed shrimp, scallops, lobster tail, chorizo, and mussels. They also include red onion and piquillo peppers to kick the flavors up a notch.

The beauty of their small bites is that you can always leave enough room for dessert. And you’ll definitely want to because they have amazing sweet treats on tap at all times. They have all the classics like gooey chocolate chip cookies served warm from the oven alongside an icy, cold glass of milk. Plus, they dream up imaginative taste sensations, like their chocolate-covered crispy applewood smoked bacon. Don’t forget to savor their chocolate fondue whenever you have a chance.

Insider Tips:
– Even on their busiest days, they do not take reservations.
– Plan to wait for a table while visiting this restaurant during the tourist season. If you just want dessert, you might be able to immediately grab a seat at the dessert bar.
– If you want to take your meal on the road, submit your order through the online system on their website. Expect them to add a 20% gratuity to your total when buying your meal to go.