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Café Aroma

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Café Aroma - A Great Place to Start the Day in Inlet Beach, Florida
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4 / 5
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Although Café Aroma might just seem like an ordinary coffee shop in Inlet Beach, Florida, it’s actually a whole lot more. They have everything from dozens of donut varieties to pizza bagels, grilled cheese sandwiches, and ice cream delights aplenty. If that’s not enough, their comfortable dining areas are sure to impress as well.  

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

With a single visit to Café Aroma in Inlet Beach, Florida, you’re sure to see why this unassuming coffee shop is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Like most people, you’ll probably stumble in bleary-eyed and ready for some go-juice to help your day go right. And they can definitely serve up what you’re after. All throughout the day, they happily make all your favorite espresso drinks, including cappuccinos, americanos, and lattes completed with artistic flair.

Once you set your eyes on their other menu offerings, however, it’ll become quite clear why everyone steadily flows through the doors from open to close. The magic starts with their donuts, of course, as they have filled and glazed delights galore. At this point, you can probably already hear their apple-filled bear claws, extra-large cinnamon rolls, and glazed donut holes calling your name. But it doesn’t stop there. They also have breakfast and lunch fare of all kinds, including all their tasty grilled melts.

While you enjoy your selections, you’ll undoubtedly find their newly renovated location is the perfect place to kick back and relax. You can eat inside or out, depending on the weather. Either way, you’ll get to chill in a sparkling clean, well-maintained space that shows their pride in their company and dedication to your satisfaction.

Fan favorites on the menu include:

Donuts and More Donuts
If you want donuts, get in here early because they go wicked fast. You can either buy their donuts by the dozen or choose a few singles that catch your eye. Either way, you’re definitely going to love the many flavors they have on tap at all times. They have cake donuts, filled delights, and everything in between.

Avocado Toast
When you want something a little more sophisticated, turn your attention to their Avocado Toast. It begins with whole wheat bread put in the toaster to crisp up to a rich golden brown. While that happens, they smash fresh avocado to go over the top. To complete the dish, they add local microgreens, cherry tomatoes, red chili flakes, and a balsamic glaze.

Pizza Bagel
The Pizza Bagel takes your favorite food and dresses it up for breakfast. They make this decadent creation by toasting the bagel, then smothering it in marinara sauce and mozzarella. After that, the entire thing goes into the oven until the sauce and cheese start bubbling.

Smoked Turkey Pesto
On their impressive menu of melts, you’ll find their Smoked Turkey Pesto awaiting your attention. This sandwich features a generous portion of cheddar cheese plus turkey and pesto. They grill it all up between two slices of wheat bread until the cheese is perfectly melted and the flavors combine.

No matter what time of the day it is, you can always stop by for ice cream creations that promise to lift your spirits. They serve their many ice cream flavors by the cup, waffle cone, or cake cone with or without toppings. They also make floats and smoothies to order using your flavors of choice. If you want the best of both worlds, make sure to order the Affogato float, which features vanilla ice cream floating in their tantalizing coffee.

Insider Tips:
– If you come in near closing time, you might just get lucky with some discounts on your order.
– When ordering a latte, be prepared to have your mind blown by their artistic prowess.
– Come in during each of the holidays throughout the year to see what new donuts they’ve cooked up to celebrate.
– If you find it hard to get out the door without a jolt of coffee, consider purchasing a full growler for your fridge. They offer refills, too.