17th Annual Digital Graffiti Festival in 30A

Not all of 30A is known for its cutting-edge art and design potential, but every year during the Digital Graffiti Festival in 30A, Alys Beach becomes a hotbed of design, innovation, and digital art that pulls you in and takes your breath away. 

 Alys Beach is an upscale beach enclave nestled on the coast between PCB and Destin. A luxury destination with a unique aesthetic, Alys Beach is known for the bone-white walls of the storefronts and homes. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of a coastal Greek getaway in the simplicity of architecture. It’s the perfect backdrop for a riot of digital color. 

Those white walls and clean lines offer a striking counterpart to the turquoise waters and lush green life abounding in the area. During the annual Digital Graffiti Festival, they become a blank canvas for the latest in projection design by local artists. Here’s what you need to know about the 17th Annual Digital Graffiti Festival on 30A. 

Enjoy Cutting-Edge Projection Art at the 17th Annual Digital Graffiti Festival in 30A

What is Digital Graffiti? 

Digital Graffiti is a rapidly-growing art form. Basically, it’s projection art, often in the form of striking animations, designed to complement the architecture upon which it’s projected. “Spray cans” of infrared lights project high-quality images onto building’s surfaces, making the boldest impact after the sun sets.

Digital graffiti is a growing medium that has widespread appeal, bringing color and life to community spaces and making it possible to see the familiar from an entirely new angle. 

When and How to Visit 

In 2024, the Digital Graffiti Festival is happening on May 17th and 18th. tickets are available for purchase right now. Entry is free for kids 5 and under, and there are separate tickets for the over-21 and under-21 crowd. 

What to Expect 

As you walk around to take in the art and enjoy Digital Graffiti Festival events, you’ll get to stop to chat with the artists, many of whom will be holding court near their projected creations. Food trucks and concessions abound, and as you might expect from such an elegant area, those concessions are top-notch. You’ll find local favorites prepared by local restaurants, chefs, wineries, and other vendors that take festival food up a few notches. 

You can take time to explore the art exhibits each evening after dark, and there are also presentations at different points on each day.  

Digital Graffiti Panel on Art and Design 

Price: Free

This discussion held in Central Park is a moderated panel conversation featuring some of the contributing artists to the 2024 DG Festival. It’s free to attend, and chances are good it will offer some insights into the world of digital graffiti conception, design, and movement. 

Friday Night Digital Graffiti Award Party 

Price: Free

Anyone can submit artwork to be considered for use at the Digital Graffiti Festival, but only the best get selected to grace the walls of Alys Beach structures–and even fewer take home the prize money. From 6-8pm on Friday, May 17th, the award ceremony and pre-party will recognize the winning submissions. 

Friday Night Adults-Only Party 

Price: $200

After the award ceremony, a 21-and-over event celebrates the art and design of the winners with accompanying drinks and food options to try. Local breweries, distilleries, wineries, restaurants, and more are represented here; it’s guaranteed to be a delight for the senses. Tickets for “Adult Night” run $200, but they’re all-inclusive of beverages and dining experiences along the way. 

Saturday Exhibits in Central Park 

Price: Free

Saturday’s festival activities begin at 11:30 a.m. and continue until 1:30. This is a great opportunity to take in the local art and culture scene, try some of the festival food, and explore the exhibits before dark with your family. 

Saturday Night Experience 

Ages 5-20 – $25
Ages 21 and up – $60

Saturday night is another evening of the brightest, boldest colors, immersive digital graffiti experiences, and fantastic food and drink options. This is the night to bring the younger set along to immerse themselves in the world of color and design with you. Take time to explore the festival path, grab food and drinks for purchase, and enjoy the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of the Digital Graffiti Festival after dark. 

Whether you love digital art and design or you just enjoy appreciating unique artwork, the Digital Graffiti Festival is worth a look. If your visit to the Florida Gulf Coast coincides with 2024 festival dates, it’s well worth the time to stop and go for the most strikingly colorful stroll on 30A.