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Crabs on the Beach

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Crabs on Pensacola Beach - Crabs and Much More Right on the Sand
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Crabs on Pensacola Beach may be the best place in town to get crabs, but that’s hardly all that the eatery offers. From many other food options to lots of live entertainment right on the shore, this is a fun place to visit with anyone -- regardless of whether they like crabs.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Crabs on Pensacola Beach is all about the ten-legged crustaceans, but that’s far from all that you’ll find here. A diverse menu, great location and lots of activities ensure everyone has a great time when they stop in — regardless of how they feel about these sea creatures.

The highlights of the menu here are the crabs, and there are several different options. Choose from King, Snow and Dungeness Crabs, and order them alone or along with sides in a dinner. Multiple choices let you also pair them with shrimp directly out of the Gulf.

For people who just don’t do crustaceans, there’s no reason to get crabby about the menu. Naked Fish, Seafood Tacos, Pasta, Steaks, Burgers, Sandwiches and still more selections ensure everyone can find something they like.

Drink options include plenty of choices for people who don’t drink, as well as bottled and draft beers, red and white wines, frozen beverages and specialty cocktails.

As delicious and diverse as the food is here, it might actually be outdone by the atmosphere. The restaurant sits directly on Pensacola Beach, offering views out over the water from both an indoor room (which is air-conditioned) and an outdoor porch (which is naturally cooled with sea mist). All of the outdoor picnic tables have an umbrella to shield the sun.

Down on the sand, there’s, even more, going on, and it’s some of the most varied entertainment that you’ll find at any restaurant. In addition to regular live concerts, you might also see people painting crabs, racing crabs, cleaning fish, paying games or otherwise having fun. There’s always a playground available for the youngest eaters and a massive tank of crabs upstairs to see.

For great fun and good food, head down to the beach and visit Crabs on Pensacola Beach. Get the crab legs or anything else you like. Everything’s tasty here.

A few of our menu favorites at Crabs on Pensacola Beach include:

Oysters on the Half Shell
Slurp a full dozen of hand-shucked raw oysters as you watch the surf roll in. Does it get any better than this? Perhaps only if you also have a beer in hand.

Crab Combo with Shrimp
A feast of shellfish, the Crab Combo with Shrimp includes snow crab, Dungeness crab and (of course) wild-caught Gulf shrimp. With you use butter and lemon or enjoy the crustaceans in an unadulterated state?

Mahi Mahi
Freshly caught and served “naked,” Mahi Mahi is a favorite fish from the sea. This version comes chargrilled so it’s full of flavor, and you get stuffed Crab Garnish on the side. There’s no reason to miss out on crab just because you also like fish, after all.

Florida Sunshine Orange Cheesecake
Finish off the meal with a North-South take on cheesecake. A slice of New York Cheesecake is topped with homemade Florida Orange Marmalade Sauce for a refreshing citrus twist on the classic. The dessert weighs a full pound, so you’ll probably want to share.

Crab Trap
The signature house drink, Crab Trap contains a blend of Bacardi rum, other island rums, cranberry juice and pineapple juice. A sweet tropical treat, the cocktail comes in a Crabby Ole’ Mason Jar that’s yours to keep.

Insider Tip:
If you’re looking for a souvenir, don’t leave without looking at the gift shop. There’s lots of branded merchandise, along with some of the funniest T-shirts you’ll find anywhere in Pensacola. You can also pick up nice serving dishes and other practical items to take home.