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King Kong Milktea & Smoothie

King Kong Milktea & Smoothie – Panama City Beach's Site for Boba Teas and More
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Customizable milk teas, smoothies, and coffee drinks with multiple flavors of boba pearls make King Kong Milk tea and Smoothie a great spot for all ages to have an indulgent or healthy drink in Panama City Beach.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Whether you call it milk tea, bubble tea, or boba tea, the sweet, crave-able drink can be elusive in some cities. at King Kong Milktea & Smoothie, you can try a wide range of tea drinks, smoothies, coffees, and more in a shop with a cute, cozy atmosphere.

Stepping into this shop, you’ll want to linger for a while. Inviting cushiony chairs, neon lights, a faux plant wall, and a counter with bench seats all make this a great place to relax with a smoothie, coffee, or tea.  

What makes King Kong Milktea & Smoothie a great drink stop is your ability to customize almost everything. For instance, you can choose your level of sweetness for the milk teas. Plus, you can choose which flavor of tapioca balls (boba) for your bubble tea. Options include kiwi, mango, strawberry, black boba, and lychee.

For those who need dairy-free drinks, you will find many on the menu. When customizing your smoothies, you may select either regular milk or almond milk. Also, despite their names, milk teas use non-dairy creamer. Fruit teas and classic teas do not have milk in them. However, Vietnamese coffee uses sweetened condensed milk for its distinctive flavor. Opt for a black coffee if you don’t want the dairy.

The wide menu includes flavors not often found around Florida, such as rose and taro. With so many varied options and the ability to customize orders, everyone should be able to find a drink that is as healthy or indulgent as they want it.

Visitors enjoyed and recommend the following menu options at King Kong Milktea & Smoothie:

Tiger Sugar Milk Tea
Tiger sugar milk tea combines fresh milk instead of creamer, with brown sugar and black boba balls. The name comes from painting the inside of the cup with streaks of brown sugar syrup. Some people liked the amount of sweetness in this drink as prepared at King Kong Milktea & Smoothie. However, some people wished that it was a little sweeter.  

Usually, tiger sugar milk tea is very sweet. If you want a super-sweet flavor, request normal sugar levels. However, you also have the option to order it with less sugar, too.

Pina Colada Smoothie
You don’t have to have alcohol to enjoy a pina colada. Try the smooth, creamy pina colada smoothie from King Kong Milktea & Smoothie. Alcohol-free, this drink includes coconut cream, pineapple, and pina colada cream blended with ice. Those who’ve had it call it smooth and refreshing. This pineapple-coconut smoothie even ranks as a favorite drink for some visitors.

Mangonada Smoothie  
When you want something a little different in your smoothie, try the mangonada smoothie from King Kong Milktea & Smoothie. Described as rich and smooth, this drink blends highly flavorful chamoy sauce with mangoes, your choice of almond or cow’s milk, and ice. Chamoy sauce comes from pickled fruits pureed with powdered chiles. The resulting sauce has a complex blend of sweet, tangy, spicy, and salty flavors.

Honeydew Milk Tea with Kiwi Boba
The bright green color of the honeydew milk tea will catch your eye even before you take a sip. This drink uses green tea and honeydew melon for its vibrant color. The drink blends with non-dairy creamy for extra creaminess. Add green kiwi boba for extra pops of color, texture, and flavor. This drink is sweet, smooth, and fruity, making it a great way to cool off on a hot summer day in Panama City Beach.

You’ll want to relax for a while at King Kong Milktea & Smoothie. With customizable drinks and comfortable seating inside, you can relax with your tea, coffee, or smoothie as you take a break from your time in Panama City Beach.

Insider Tips:
-Some people report this smoothie shop as hard to find. Look for King Kong Milktea & Smoothie on the ground floor of a shopping center with red-tiled roofs. You’ll find plenty of parking in this lot, including spots in front of the cafe.
-Don’t get into a hurry when you visit. During busy times, you may wait a while for your drink because the staff members custom-prepare every order.