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The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar Navarre, FL

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The Slippery Mermaid in Navarre: Emerald Coast Sushi Bar with Flair
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4.5 / 5
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The Slippery Mermaid provides a wide selection of sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, poké and rice bowls, and other Japanese-inspired eats: a welcome diversification of the Navarre dining scene. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Upon your first pass-through of Navarre, you might not think you could satisfy a sudden hankering for sushi. Thank goodness for the Slippery Mermaid, where you can get your fix in short order. 

This sushi bar certainly takes plenty of cues from traditional Japanese cuisine, as you’d hope. But it also exhibits a non-traditionalist streak that may cause purists to scoff while appealing to those leery of raw fish and generally stepping out of a narrow culinary comfort zone.

After all, alongside traditional sashimi and nigiri and classic sushi rolls, the Slippery Mermaid offers rolls featuring seared steak (the “Steeler Pleasure,” for example, which also includes bacon) and poultry (the “Kickin’ Chicken”).

Come with an open mind, and you’ll likely appreciate the variety on the menu, especially if you’ve got some picky eaters in your party. From the many signature Mermaid concoctions—Psycho, Flaming, Freaky, Tropical, Sassy, and more—to the tuna, surimi, and avocado package of the Whale of a Roll and the salmon and eel combo Rock-n-Roll, plus those unconventional meat options, there’s a little something for everybody in the roll department.

But don’t overlook the salmon or yellowfin sashimi, or the wide variety of nigiri: raw tuna, salmon, scallop, octopus, eel, squid, and more, pressed with sushi rice. 

You can also go for one of the generously portioned poké bowls, and prelude your feast with a starter or two: the miso bowl, the shareable edamame, a seaweed salad. 

For the kiddos, there’s the “Small Fins” menu, which includes the grilled chicken and cucumber Peck-n-Roll, the crowd-pleasing California Roll, and a steamed rice bowl. 

The drinks at the Slippery Mermaid, meanwhile, include beer, wine, and sake, plus tea and soda. We should note you can enjoy them—and the food itself—either indoors or out, where you’ll nab some saltwater views to spice up your meal.

Now let’s dive in and pull out a few of the genuine winners on the Slippery Mermaid menu:

The Psycho Mermaid Roll
This, according to the restaurant, is the most popular menu item at the Slippery Mermaid: shrimp tempura dressed up with some eel sauce and a baked surimi blend. It’s a great first choice for a sushi roll to feel out the Slippery Mermaid cuisine.

The Freaky Mermaid Roll
Eel, salmon, yellowfin tuna, cucumber, roasted peppers, fish roe, and cream cheese, plus eel sauce, make up the irresistibly named (and extremely tasty) Freaky Mermaid.

The Flaming Mermaid Roll
Shrimp tempura’s also the “meat” of this roll, which also includes spicy tuna, garlic sauce, eel sauce, and cucumber.

The Tuna Reef Salad
Neglect the starters at the Slippery Mermaid to your own detriment. The Tuna Reef Salad lays yellowfin tuna atop the eatery’s Seaweed Salad, enhanced with sriracha, scallions, fish roe, and ponzu. 

Get your Emerald Coast sushi on in a major way at the Slippery Mermaid, which mixes up the impeccable traditions of Japanese cuisine with some Florida Panhandle spirit.

Insider Tip:
– Especially during peak season, the Slippery Mermaid isn’t the place to go for a quick bite: You may have a bit of a wait to get a table, and the food takes a while to come out.