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Lillie’s Q

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Lillie's Q – Giving Destin a Taste of Award-Winning BBQ
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Lillie’s Q supplies Destin with a constant flow of award-winning barbecue and a slew of delicious sides to match. Their covered outdoor seating provides a rustic feel and stays at a comfortable temperature, elevating the dining experience. Though the BBQ is always worth the trip, the owner’s sense of humor can be a bit hit or miss.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

At Lillie’s Q, they serve up tantalizing BBQ of all kinds in large portions. They operate from a small unassuming shack right along Highway 98 in Destin but don’t let that deter you from stopping in. Each night, as they put the meat on to smoke, magic begins to happen. Their BBQ creations always come out of the smoker fork tender and with a flavorful bark along the edges. As it is so good, they regularly sell out of their most popular meats, such as the tri-tip and baby back ribs.

The owner’s gruff personality and political commentary can put some people off, while others think he is a hoot. Either way, the BBQ meat is still well worth the trip. If you find their approach not quite your style, get your meal to go and make a picnic of it at your favorite local hangout. You can even call your order in ahead of time and have it waiting when you arrive.

Their large covered porch acts as the dining area for those who want to stick around, though most take their orders and hit the road. With its ample shade and open throughways to catch the breeze, the porch stays cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. As this place is quite popular, their parking lot fills up fast. Despite that, they always have plenty of room for everyone to park and hop out to pick out their favorite menu items.

Some of the best dishes on their menu include:

Baby Back Ribs
Each day, they prep and smoke a limited number of baby back ribs. Their rub creates a thick bark with amazing flavor and crunch. They use their housemade barbecue sauces over the top, creating a finger-licking good rack of ribs. Come early to ensure you can get yours as they tend to sell out quick.

Made in true Santa Maria style, the tri-tip never fails to impress regulars and newcomers alike. They smoke their tri-tip roast until it has developed a robust bark yet remains tender and juicy. In fulfilling every order, they slice it thin and pile it high, often running out well before the day’s end.

Smoked to perfection, the brisket brings in people from far and wide to have a taste. You can order this amazing meat on its own or as a part of a sandwich. Either way, you will delight in its melt in your mouth tenderness and amazing flavor. The bark adds even more dimension to every bite, giving you an incredible dining experience to remember.

Banana Pudding
Made with fresh fruit and tender loving care, the Banana Pudding is a must-have with your meal. Unfortunately, they only make eight per day, putting them in short supply. If you arrive early enough, however, you might snag one for yourself and finally get a chance to try this decadent dessert.

All their BBQ meats come with your choice of two sides. Fan favorites are their potato salad and baked beans, though they switch it up from time to time. If you are lucky, you can add a banana pudding to your order, but that is not likely unless you go pretty much right when they open.

Insider Tips:
– They only take cash as payment. Although they have an ATM onsite, it is not always operational, so bring along the bills if you want to eat fast.
– As they are located right along the highway, the location can have a lot of traffic noise, so take your food to go if that might be a problem.