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Fish On Seafood House – Destin

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Fish On - A Casual Old-School Florida Fish House with Delicious Seafood
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Fish On is an old-school seafood house that pays homage to the original rustic flavors and decor that made Florida the hot place to be. Designed for tourists and locals alike, this casual place has you order simple seafood dishes at the counter before bringing them right to your table. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Fish On Seafood House is a collaborative effort between three friends with a combined total of more than 65 years in the restaurant industry. In 2018, they started planning to open a place that would serve fresh seafood straight from the nearby Gulf. Despite the mass tourism in the area, the concept was to make the menu as fast and affordable as it was delicious. As the faces behind the restaurant, Billy Dee, chef Giovanni Filippone (who’s been featured on Hell’s Kitchen), and Jerry Zick, all agree that this is a ‘good food, fast’ spot that will have everyone smiling by the end of the meal. 

This casual spot takes your order at the counter and gets your meal to you as quickly as possible. The staff can be so speedy because the founders keep their menu as simple as possible. These may be relatively standard dishes. Such as fish and chips and shrimp and grits, but they’re taken to the next level by a staff that knows its seafood. Once you get a number, a friendly waiter will bring it all to you.

Of course, if you run out of beer or wine halfway through your meal, you won’t have to get back in line. There will be someone walking through the restaurant who will grab it for you. The interior of the joint has an old-school feeling, paying tribute to Florida of the past with its rustic decor. (When you think of a traditional fish house, Fish On Seafood House might be aligned with what you picture.) 

The name of the place is a nod to the way people might order. For those who love their seafood, ‘fish on’ is a phrase that’s said again and again when you’re in a place like Destin. 

When you’re at Fish On Seafood House, we recommend the following:

Pepper Crusted Tuna 
This dish is pan-seared and comes complete with sauteed onions, napa cabbage, and broccoli. Flavored with ginger, sweet soy, and a sweet and spicy Thai sauce, this dish has all the texture and taste you need before you get back out in the waves. 

Blackened Snapper 
The fish selections at Fish On Seafood House are, Mahi, Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, and Swordfish, which you can get fried, blackened, sauteed, or grilled. The mildly sweet taste of snapper pairs well with the more robust spices that give the fish its darker color. 

Fish N Chips
A classic for a reason, there are few things better than dunking this fried delicacy into a delicious tartar sauce. This dish is made with the chef’s selection of fish and comes with a healthy portion of French fries. 

Shrimp Boil 
Choose from either a half or a whole pound for this Southern classic. The whole thing is served with corn, potatoes, and andouille sausage. The sausage can be mild or hot, but we recommend the latter version for a more authentic experience. 

Whole Fish 
The whole fish at Fish On Seafood House is battered in tempura and served with spicy Thai sauce and sweet soy. Flash-fried with veggies, the dish is a great way to enjoy a decadent dish that’s cut with the taste of fresh veggies. Add in the spice from the sauce, and it’s hard to go wrong with this preparation. 

This place may not have been open for long, but it’s already a hit. With locals and guests, for dining in and takeout. Family-friendly and full of color, the glass garage door at the north end of the restaurant lets people see and smell what’s cooking from the outside. When the weather allows, the door will be fully open to allow the sea breeze to waft to diners. 

Insider Tips:
-You’ll have to wait in line at Fish On Seafood House to order. However, you won’t have to get back in line if you need a drink halfway through your meal. 
-Keep your eyes peeled for local celebrities (e.g., the mayor), as they tend to hang out here.