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Sweet Bunz

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Sweet Bunz — Serving Up Freshly Made Donuts in Every Flavor
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4.5 / 5
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When you have nothing but donuts on your mind, get on down to Sweet Bunz to get your fill. You can grab a donut or two from this Port Saint Joe shop whenever you want to taste homemade goodness drenched in sugary icing. But it might be best to take home a whole dozen since it is so hard to choose between all their extraordinary options.  

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

In the heart of Port Saint Joe, Florida, lies the quaint Sweet Bunz donut shop where you will find all the classics plus a few imaginative treats all their own. They wake up well before the sun rises each morning to whip up amazing creations to serve to the masses all day long.

Although they always set out to keep their baked goods flowing throughout the day, they sell out early and often without hardly trying. At each visit, you will see people lining up in hopes of getting a few of their favorites, if not a dozen or more. So, you have to arrive by 8:30 am or risk having all your favorites sold out for the day.

But never fear, they have coffee on tap, too, promising to provide the energy you need to go on. Just let them know what your ideal drink entails, and they will make it with gusto and serve it up with a smile. You can then select your donuts of choice, which can be devoured on the spot or brought home to savor.

They have comfortable seating inside and out front, giving you plenty of options on how you want to enjoy your coffee and donuts. You can even take them on the road, munching on all the best flavors while cruising along the nearby beaches.

Popular donuts on tap each day include:

Maple Bacon
Sweet and savory come together in a big way in their Maple Bacon donuts. They start by frying up their light and fluffy dough before pouring their sweet maple glaze over the top. Their homemade crunchy bacon bits go along the top before the glaze hardens, making them stay put bite after bite.

Cherry Blossoms
The Cherry Blossoms boast out of this world flavor and a crunch you never knew you needed in your life. They make this unique donut by frying up a swirl of light, flakey dough and covering it in a cherry glaze. As it hardens, the glaze adds to the satisfying crunch and easily puts this donut on your favorites list.

Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls
If you thought cinnamon rolls couldn’t get any better, you definitely haven’t tried the Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls. This iconic breakfast staple features juicy blueberries by the handful, baked in the middle of its soft dough. The cinnamon in the center and glaze over top take the fresh-baked flavors to the next level. 

Walnut Rolls
When you are hankering for the flavor of roasted walnuts drenched in caramel sauce, put the Walnut Rolls on your shopping list. These baked delights come out of the oven nearly perfect before getting a heaping portion of sweet nuts over the top. As the caramel drips down the sides, they transform into everything you have ever wished for in a dessert turned breakfast food.

If you want to keep the fresh-baked goodness going through the day, take home a handful of bagels for later. You can slice them in half, toast them golden brown, and load up all the best meats, cheeses, and more to create a sandwich to remember. Choose between plain, sesame, or everything bagels along with many other flavors they dream up each day.

Insider Tips:
– Hit the ATM before you swing by because they are a cash-only establishment.
– Their indoor seating is limited, so it can be difficult to grab a table on busy mornings.
– Want to serve up mini pastries at your event? Ask about their catering options.