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Old Florida Fish House

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Old Florida Fish House — Offering Delicious Meals and Quality Service at Their Lakeside Retreat
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4 / 5
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At the Old Florida Fish House, you are always treated to the ultimate in lakefront dining. Their amazing fried seafood, fresh sushi, and handmade desserts promise to delight your senses, while their friendly service elevates the experience in every way. They even strive to keep everyone well-entertained by bringing in live musicians on the regular.  

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

When you dine at Old Florida Fish House in Santa Rosa Beach, you will not just get a tasty meal, but the full lakeside dining experience as well. As they are nestled in the trees along the banks of the Eastern Lake, you get a phenomenal view of the waterway beyond plus a chance to enjoy their truly chill atmosphere. Their friendly service makes every visit a true delight, as do the precisely prepared meals.

Since they are a fish house, their menu centers around fried, grilled, and blackened seafood of all kinds. They go above and beyond the traditional fish house offerings by bringing you fresh sushi and several desserts made from scratch. Always made from fresh fish to order, their sushi rivals modern works of art. The plating designs for all their other dishes have just as much flair, satisfying your appetite from your eyes to your belly.  

Before you have a chance to browse all the awesome options on their menu, you must first choose between their indoor and outdoor seating. You can sidle up to one of their many bars, lounge in the indoor dining room, or head out onto the patio. No matter where you sit, you can play all the outdoor games, including cornhole, to keep busy while awaiting your food to arrive. You may even catch live music playing from their centerstage if you arrive at the right time.

Menu items you must try include:

Sautéed Steak Bites
For a burst of beefy flavor, order up the Sautéed Steak Bites. To make this appetizer, they slow cook the steak until tender, then sprinkle over a generous amount of goat cheese. The balsamic glaze goes over the top, follow by diced green onion to complete the dish.

Fish House Gumbo
When you want a true dish to remember, only the Fish House Gumbo will do. They create this iconic meal by simmering scallops, shrimp, crab, andouille sausage, tasso, and crawfish in a well-seasoned broth. To that, they add rice that soaks up all the flavors and fills you up in no time flat.

Sashimi Sampler
When you cannot choose between the sashimi options, give them all a try with the Sashimi Sampler. They will bring you a beautiful array of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi made with flair. You can pair it with your specialty sushi rolls of choice, including the Taste of the Tropics, which is made with krab salad, tuna, avocado, and strawberries.

Grilled Swordfish
To enjoy something truly out of this world, you just have to pick the Grilled Swordfish. For this dish, they cut the swordfish into thick fillets, and then toss it onto the grill until perfectly flakey. Once it is done, they put it over a bed of southern mashed potatoes and serve it with beurre blanc and fresh veggies.

To experience the best this restaurant has to offer, leave room for dessert. They make all their treats from scratch each day to satisfy your sweet tooth in style. They keep their triple chocolate brownie and deep-dish key lime pie on rotation while adding a seasonal dessert to the mix year-round. You’ll be happy to hear that pumpkin pie and cheesecake show up often. All their sweets are big enough to split, so order one of each and share with the table to try them all.

Insider Tips:
– If you want to catch live musicians strutting their stuff, Fridays and Saturdays are the time to visit.
– When dining in a party of six or more, they will automatically add a 20% gratuity charge to the bill.