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Dough Sea Dough

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Doughnuts, Sweets, and Eats at Dough Sea Dough
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3.5 / 5
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You won’t regret your visit to Dough Sea Dough where you will enjoy handcrafted, made fresh daily, donuts, sweets, and eats! This locale in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach serves the Hwy 30A area, providing the best doughnut selection in the region. Stop in and eat or take your doughnuts to go along with your day at the beach.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Making fresh doughnuts daily for the 30A area, the cleverly named Dough Sea Dough serves Santa Rosa Beach and Seagrove Beach. The bakers and other staff that makeup Dough Sea Dough provide the largest selection of donuts in all of 30A. With both take-out and eat-in options, guests can enjoy doughnuts, of course, but also partake of a wonderful breakfast and satisfy their sweet tooth with other desserts. 

The historic beginning of doughnuts finds its start way back into the history books as archaeologists have found fossilized bits of what appear to be prehistoric offerings of our modern-day favorites. When it comes to the doughnut as we see today,  it allegedly found its beginning in Manhattan when a delicious concoction was created that was nicknamed “oily cakes.”

Moving into the mid-19th Century, the somewhat negative description of a doughnut gave way to a less greasy version that was created by Elizabeth Gregory, who was a ship captain’s mother. She cleverly deep-fried her son’s spice cargo, using cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon rind. She made them in the modern shape supposedly as a way to help store the pastries on long voyages. She created a hole in the center where the dough would not cook into the center by inserting walnuts or hazelnuts to keep the dough from spreading throughout the space. This is, as legend says, why they are called doughnuts! 

Whatever the beginnings of our modern-day doughnuts, a stop at Dough Sea Dough will give you some delicious options to choose from in the present day, thanks to their immense variety of doughnuts and more. While there are many goodies to try, be sure to try the following when visiting Dough Sea Dough…

As mentioned above, Dough Sea Dough specializes in offering amazing doughnuts. You can get a classic donut (with hole) or a cake or specialty variety that can feature all sorts of toppings, from candy and cereal to bacon and more. You can opt for individual donuts or get them by the dozen to take along with you for your day at the beach. Classic options include your choice of glazed, iced, or sprinkled varieties. 

Although Dough Sea Dough does offer world-renowned doughnuts, to be sure, that is not the only delicacy you can enjoy when visiting this locale, especially when it comes to breakfast options. Choose from the Breakfast Burrito, which features egg and cheese with your choice of sausage, bacon, or ham, or the Breakfast Sandwich, which comes with egg and cheese along with your choice of sausage, ham, or bacon and is served on a croissant. Another breakfast option that is a favorite of guests is the plain croissants or the kolaches, also known as the sausage rolls, with your choice of jalapeno, bacon, or cheese. 

Fried Delicacies
Also available at Dough Sea Dough, you can enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls or apple fritters. These offer just another variety of delicious treats. 

No visit to Dough Sea Dough is complete without your choice of specialty drink, including regular coffee, specialty coffee, espresso shot, or energy drinks. If you aren’t a fan of these options, you can always opt for bottled water. 

Although not part of the menu, be sure to check out the merchandise when visiting Dough Sea Dough. Choose from mugs or shirts that feature the brand name and the fun logo. Whether you stop in and eat or take your treats to go, you will be glad you took the time to visit Dough Sea Dough, which guests rave is well worth a visit and even worthy of waiting in the occasional line.

Insider Tips:
-You can order large orders of doughnuts, but be sure to do so at least one business day in advance. 
-You can also order online. 
-There are no vegan options at this time. All doughnuts and pastries contain soy protein, wheat, milk, and egg.