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Cafe Tango

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Cafe Tango — Serving Home Cooked Meals at Their Quaint Historic Cottage
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4.5 / 5
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Café Tango is the place to go in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida when you’re dying to enjoy a beautifully plated homecooked meal. They go above and beyond simply serving decadent dishes by providing friendly service and a cozy atmosphere to remember. No matter when you go or what you order, all the magic happens within their quaint cottage, which is the oldest dwelling of its kind along the Scenic Highway 30A.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Set in a historic cottage along the Scenic Highway 30A, Café Tango serves as the best place to go for a romantic meal. Their quaint cottage is cozy as all get out and beautifully arranged to make the most of their space. Despite their artful placement of each table, their dining room is still quite small. So, they can only let a limited number of lucky guests in the doors each day. Although reservations are not required, they are strongly encouraged, as it’s rare to see a table open up naturally.

Although you might have to schedule your visit well in advance, it’s worth the wait. The limited seating creates an intimate atmosphere, and their staff has plenty of time to perfect your dining experience. You can expect your visit to always start with a warm welcome that sets the tone for your evening out. Your server will get you set up at your table with menus and ice water before letting you have time to pour over the menu.

While there’s only a handful of items in each section of the menu, each one is handcrafted with care. Their dishes center around fresh, local ingredients brought to life with Mediterranean and Spanish flavors. Their talented chefs always use recipes passed down through the generations along with traditional cooking techniques to create each dish. They beautifully plate each item to make it look as good as it tastes.

Ever popular items on their menu include:

Seafood Stuffed Piquillos Peppers
When you want powerful flavor in every bite, make your appetizer the Seafood Stuffed Piquillos Peppers. This dish starts with piquillos peppers sourced from Navarra, Spain that are stuffed full of shrimp and crab. They cook them up over seared scallions, then add smoked pimento de piquillo pepper butter to the mix to finish it off right.

Chorizo & Panko Crusted Fish
The Chorizo & Panko Crusted Fish takes surf ‘n’ turf to the next level in an instant. It begins with a hearty fillet of fish that’s breaded with Spanish chorizo and panko breadcrumbs. The breaded fish then goes down in a searing hot pan to crisp up before getting a generous helping of roasted garlic aioli over the top.

Lobster Ravioli
For a full tour of all your favorite Gulf flavors, go with the Lobster Ravioli. They create this popular dish by taking lobster stuffed ravioli and setting it in a bed of pink lobster cream sauce. To that, they add diver scallops and Gulf shrimp that’s beautifully seared on both sides.

In addition to their restaurant fare, they offer catering, delivered meals, and private chef services. They make all their delivered meals using the same methods and ingredients as their menu items, and then put them in pint and quart containers. You can then enjoy them at your leisure at home, while on a picnic, or along the sandy beaches. Their catering and private chef services are available all throughout the year. You just have to make a reservation well in advance. You can then work with the team to build a menu that will serve as the focal point of your next big event.

Insider Tips:
– They only seat their guests at 6 pm, 6:30 pm, 8 pm, and 8:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday.
– If you want to make sure you can grab a table on date night, make your reservations early. They are a small restaurant and spots fill up fast, especially on the weekends.
– When making your reservations online, you should receive an email or a call. If not, give them a call to verify your request came through the system.