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Bad Ass Coffee

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Bad Ass Coffee - A Laid Back Coffee Shop with an Island Vibe
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Despite its name, Bad Ass Coffee is a friendly joint, offering excellent Kona coffee drinks, pastries and a laid-back Hawaiian vibe. And since you can walk to the beautiful white sand beach from the Grayton Beach location, it's about as close to perfect as you can get. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

With a name like “Bad Ass Coffee,” we couldn’t resist the urge to stop for a cup of joe. We promise you won’t be able to either. 

A Hawaiian export, Bad Ass Coffee is a chain but manages to build local connections by spreading the “Aloha Spirit” in communities where franchises are located. You get the Hawaiian vibe quickly. A surfboard hangs above the counter, and you probably won’t be able to leave without a hula girl figurine or Bad Ass Coffee t-shirt. 

True to its island roots, Bad Ass Coffee serves premium Kona coffee, the crowned jewel of Hawaiian coffee. This variety of coffee is bright, crisp and clean with hints of brown sugar, honey, chocolate and fruit. It’s so revered, Hawaii has laws on the books ensuring products labeled as “Kona” were actually grown in the Kona belt on the Big Island.

But back to that name. “Bad Ass Coffee” may connote images of burly men sipping black coffee, but the coffee shop’s name has a much different origin. 

It’s named after some remarkably strong Hawaiian donkeys. Islanders in Kona, Hawaii used donkeys to carry loads of coffee beans down steep mountainsides. To pay homage to these donkeys’ strength and stubborn nature, they referred to the animals as the “Bad Ass Ones.” Today, the legend of those hard-working pack animals is carried on in the name of this vibrant coffee shop. 

At the Grayton Beach location, employees truly go the extra mile to ensure you get a drink you like. If you need a recommendation, just ask. They’ve even been known to create off-menu drinks to satisfy customers.

Bad Ass Coffee does have a few food items on its menu, but it’s not much more than typical coffee shop fare. Muffins, bagels and cinnamon rolls are available all day long while sandwiches are served starting around lunchtime. 

A bonus: the Grayton Beach location is within walking distance of the beach. Why go for a stroll empty-handed?

A few of our menu favorites at Bad Ass Coffee included:

The Eye-Opener
Coffee should be just that — an eye-opener. This drink aims to do just that. Served hot or over ice, the Eye Opener is two shots of espresso added to a brewed coffee. It packs a punch. We don’t recommend drinking it after 2 p.m.

If you want something decadent, this is what you order. Room-temperature espresso is mixed with chocolate and topped with half-and-half. It’s a little bit of heaven in a mug!

Koffee Kooler
When you’re at the beach, sometimes a hot drink just won’t do. You need a cool, refreshing treat to perk up your day. The Koffee Kooler is where it’s at. Choose your own flavor to make this blended coffee drink your own. We recommend coconut mocha. 

Jitter Juice
Who could resist ordering something called Jitter Juice? We couldn’t, and we thoroughly enjoyed the dark chocolate and Irish cream concoction we received. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and added just the right touch to our morning!

Insider Tips:
– Parking comes at a premium during the busier morning hours so plan accordingly.
– There is no drive-through option so you’ll have to go inside for service, but there is a small outdoor courtyard where you can catch an ocean breeze.