The REX Theatre – Enjoy Comedy, Magic, and Music at a Historic Pensacola Venue
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4 / 5
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The REX Theatre is the place to go in Pensacola, Florida, when you want to enjoy comedy, music, and magic galore. As a historic venue, this place is a blast from the past, making you feel like you’ve walked into the 1950s upon opening the front door. Beyond that, you help them give back to the community in amazing ways with every ticket you buy.  

- The Local Expert Team

With every visit to The REX Theatre in Pensacola, Florida, you can get your fill of stand-up comedy, magic shows, and so much more. They even invite the most popular jazz and blues musicians to play on their beautiful stage.  

Set in a historic building from 1922, their theater is the perfect place to spend a magical evening out with your loved ones or even all by yourself. Their shows are family friendly, allowing you to bring even the youngest in your group for an evening of laughter and fun. They cannot always keep things 100% G-rated, but they never allow vulgarity, explicit content, and R-rated language.  

People of all ages enjoy the old school look and feel of the theater. From the front doors to the stage, the spirit of the 50s lives on, treating everyone to a glimpse into the past. But that doesn’t mean comfort is left as a second thought. The seats are plush and supportive, their lighting is perfection, and they serve refreshments that everyone is sure to love. And even though this theater is built to accommodate 400 guests, there’s no bad seat in the house.

From every vantage point, you can see the entire stage from end to end. Furthermore, the acoustics are phenomenal, allowing the voices and instruments to ring out across the crowd. No matter what type of show you come see, you’re always sure to walk away feeling like you got your money’s worth.

Their most popular acts include:

Stand-Up Comedy Night
Every Friday night, you can come to see popular stand-up comedians tell all of their best jokes. You may know the comedians from their shows on HOB, Comedy Central, and Netflix, though local talent joins the fray on occasion as well. The show starts at 8 pm sharp, so be sure to get in the door, grab your refreshments, and get seated before then.

Comedy Magic Show
On Saturdays at 7 pm, you can catch the Comedy Magic Show, which features magician Tom Coverly who’s better known as ‘The Illusionist.’ During this show, you get to see 75 minutes of wild tricks that will leave you rolling with laughter and equally amazed. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to come on stage and participate in the magic.

Jazz and Blues Performances
Jazz and blues bands often play at this venue to show off their latest works and give everyone a chance to hear their favorite songs. The lineup changes often, so you’ll have to check the calendar to see who has booked a spot. Unlike their magic shows and stand-up comedy acts, they do not have set dates and times for their music performances.

With each ticket they sell, they give a percentage back to the community. The causes they support include youth suicide prevention and bullying awareness. If you want to go beyond simply buying tickets, you can help by becoming a sponsor. They have multiple levels of sponsorship that come with awesome benefits, like VIP tickets, invitations to special events, and a recognition sign in the lobby.  

Insider Tips:
– Save money and make sure they’ll save you a seat by buying your tickets online ahead of time.
– Want something fun to do on a special occasion? Check the event calendar on their website to see if they’re doing any special shows. On Valentine’s Day, for example, they are running a combined magic and stand-up performance just for couples who want a fun date night.
– Although they only have juice and soda available at this time, they will soon serve beer and wine as well.