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Key Sailing: Bringing a Variety of Watersport Adventures to Pensacola Beach
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4 / 5
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Make the most of the natural beauty surrounding Pensacola Beach with help from Key Sailing. This trusted watersport company offers a range of experiences and amenities, including dolphin tours, snorkeling trips, parasailing, and sailboat rentals.

- The Local Expert Team

Many Emerald Coast watersport companies focus exclusively on tours or rentals. At Key Sailing, however, you can take advantage of both. Boasting a large collection of well-maintained equipment and several knowledgeable tour guides, this respected Pensacola Beach company is capable of delivering the exact water-based experience you desire.

Whether you opt for a tour or a rental, you’ll be impressed by the in-depth knowledge on display when you interact with Key Sailing’s staff members. The company’s watersport experts are also friendly. They understand that you and your loved ones may feel nervous about taking on new experiences. They’ll walk you through every step to ensure you feel both safe and confident.

A few of our favorite rentals and activities include the following:

Pontoon Boat Rentals
What better way to relax with your best friends or family members than on a pontoon boat? The deluxe pontoon boats offered by Key Sailing can be rented for two hours, half a day, or a full day. These boats accommodate up to twelve passengers.

Sailboat Rentals
Sailboats may be Key Sailing’s namesake, but they’re just one of several rentals available. The company offers multiple types of catamaran sailboats; your selection will largely depend on your experience. That being said, Key Sailing’s boats are all easy to handle. While rentals are available for as little as one hour, you’ll quickly fall in love with sailing — and you just might want to keep your rental catamaran sailboat the entire day.

Explore the area at your own pace in one of Key Sailing’s rental kayaks. Available for rent by the hour or for an entire day, these kayaks grant you easy access to the area’s best scenery. Hit the water on your own in a single kayak or with a friend in a double kayak.

Dolphin Tours
While there’s plenty to be said for Key Sailing’s rentals, sometimes it’s more fun to sit back and relax while somebody else worries about navigation and other concerns. Key Sailing goes above and beyond with a unique boat featuring a glass panel in the starboard hull. Whether you gaze through the glass panel or out at the horizon, you’ll be impressed by the gorgeous scenery you encounter during your trip. In addition to spotting dolphins, you may catch a breathtaking sunset — or you might see the Blue Angel air show!

Explore the region’s majestic scenery from a completely new perspective while snorkeling. One of few local boats truly equipped for snorkeling, Key Sailing’s beloved Pelican will take you to Pensacola Beach’s most beautiful spots. The exact location of these spots will be determined, in part, based on the tide and weather conditions on the day of your tour. Keep in mind that snorkeling trips are typically scheduled for Friday mornings, beginning in May. No matter where or when you visit, you’ll find a variety of intriguing sea creatures. Are some people in your party less than eager to jump in and snorkel? Feel free to book non-snorkelers on your journey at a reduced price.

From sailboats to snorkeling, options abound for witnessing the inherent beauty of Pensacola Beach. Take advantage of this opportunity — you’ll be glad you caught a different perspective of the Emerald Coast.

Insider Tips:
-Key Sailing offers an online booking platform. Depending on what you rent, however, you might not be granted a specific time slot at the time of booking. For example, when you book jet skis online, you receive a ticket, which you’ll later bring to the front desk. Despite having booked your rental in advance, you may be forced to wait for equipment to become available.

-Depending on your age, you may be asked to complete a boating safety course before you embark on your journey. When in doubt, call Key Sailing in advance for more information on rental requirements.

-Struggling to choose between Key Sailing’s myriad of watersport adventures? Don’t hesitate to try multiple rentals or tours. Depending on when and how you book, you just might score a package deal.