Bay Bluffs Park

Bay Bluffs Park: Wooded Views and Great Exercise
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

A pleasant little surprise right off the highway in the city of Pensacola, the Bay Bluffs Park offers a small escape where you can enjoy a short hike and some amazing views of the bay. A trail that’s mainly made up of boardwalk takes you through the wooded areas, down the bluffs, and opens up to a stunning view of Pensacola Bay. Cross the railroad tracks carefully, and you’re right on a small, usually deserted beach. The dog-friendly trail is a cardio challenge, with plenty of steep staircases to get your heart rate pumping on your way to the water views.

- The Local Expert Team

Located right off Scenic Highway in Pensacola, Florida, Bay Bluffs Park is a passive preserve that’s located on the beautiful, steep bluffs situated directly above the Pensacola Bay. The Pensacola Bay Bluffs Park protects more than 26 acres of the sloped, stunning landscape. The bluffs are protected because they’re made of clay and keep eroding through the years. Interestingly, clay deposits from these clay bluffs were used for brickmaking all the way back in the 1750s.

For those that enjoy walking trails, the Bay Bluffs Park is an exciting stop while in the Pensacola area. Although the entire route is only about 0.8 miles long, you’re still going to get quite a workout while you’re here. The trail, which is mainly boardwalk, goes up and down the steep bluffs, including straightaways, steps, and long staircases that take you down through the forest, so you’re able to head across the railroad tracks for a stunning view of the Pensacola Bay. With the steep staircases sprinkled along the way, you can enjoy a good workout going up and down all those stairs.

If you make it down to the tracks, the view is incredible, and usually, there aren’t a lot of people to contend with along the way. It’s a great spot to get in some cardio while chasing a fantastic view, and it’s a dog-friendly area as well, so bring along your pooch if you want. Picnic areas are also available, so bring a snack or a full lunch to enjoy when you’re done dealing with all those stairs.

Although the view of the Pensacola Bay and the small beach across the railroad tracks may be the main attraction, visitors also enjoy the lovely wooded areas. Beautiful live oaks, plenty of Spanish moss, and lovely pines make up the woods, and the sea breeze through the trees is a delightful sound for those who stop and listen.

Insider Tips:
– Think twice if you’re taking kids to the Bay Bluffs Park since visitors report plenty of graffiti on the board-walk that’s not kid-friendly.
– Since many stairs make up the walking trail, this isn’t an excellent stop for people who have difficulty walking or handling stairs.
– Be aware that there are train tracks, a spot where many people enjoy taking photos, but one should use caution and be mindful of oncoming trains.