The Well

The Well – An Upscale Watering Hole in the Heart of Downtown Pensacola
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When you want to get away from it all while still enjoying the best food, drinks, and live music, look to The Well for all you need. A Perfect Plain Brewing Co. production, this funky bar serves as the perfect hideaway in the heart of downtown Pensacola.

- The Local Expert Team

For the perfect watering hole experience, all you need to do is swing by The Well at your leisure. Set in the heart of downtown Pensacola, this quaint bar serves up good vibes for all plus the food and drinks to match. Live music promises to leave you delighted as well, making this a great spot to land when you simply want to enjoy a chill hideaway in between all your beachside activities.

Since they’re part of the Perfect Plain Brewing Co family, their beer, wine, and spirits always remain the star of the show. Whether you sidle up to their light hardwood bar or grab a cozy seat at a nearby table, their impressive drink list will instantly come your way.

On that list, you’ll find all their most popular beer varieties, of course, including Holy Spin, Golden Embers, and Arpent. If you’re in more of a wine mood, set your sights on their Amalaya Sparkling Brut, Kurtatsch Pinot Grigio, or any of the other quality wines on their menu.

As for their spirits, they have endless varieties across all the major categories. You can get Whistlepig Rye, Mezcal Koch, Reyka Icelandic, Glenfiddich Single Malt, and so much more. The real magic, however, is getting their top-shelf spirits mixed up into an imaginative cocktail for your sipping pleasure.

Although their drinks are plenty enough reason to come in all on their own, their food is equally good. Their raw bar is the way to go if you enjoy oysters on the half shell. They start with oysters from all over the nation, including Prince Edward Island, Washington, and the Gulf Coast. Then, they take them to the next level with housemade accouterments, like Kimchi Cocktail Sauce, Sour Beer Mignonette, and Lemon Pearls.

If you’re not a fan of oysters, you’re still in luck. They have Smoked Local Fish Dip, Hearts of Palm Salad, and many other tasty small bite plates to enjoy with your drinks. As you sip and dine to your heart’s content, you’re welcome to join in the free-flowing conversation across the bar. Or if you’re lucky, you’ll get to settle in for an amazing show as they invite local musicians to come up on stage and play for the crowds.

Their fan favorites include:

Spicy Thyme
If sweet and spicy is your jam, then you need the Spicy Thyme in your life, for sure. This drink starts with a generous amount of Cimarron Reposado Tequila. Then, apricot liqueur joins the party to sweet things up and balance out the habanero tincture. Fresh lime and thyme come in at the end to round out the flavors and leave you wanting more.

Top of the Morning
When you want your drink to kick your day into high gear, treat yourself to the Top of the Morning. To make this drink, they add Slane Irish whiskey with an equal amount of cold brew coffee. Once that’s all mixed together, coconut foam lands on top followed by a nice sprinkle of nutmeg.

Smoked Local Fish Dip
Whenever you want to tantalize your tastebuds from the first through to the very last, go with the Smoked Local Fish Dip. This awesome treat begins with smoked local fish mixed up with pickled veggies, house-fermented hot sauce, and Old Bay, just to name a few things. After it’s perfectly prepared, the dip goes on the plate alongside saltines for scooping up bite after bite of pure deliciousness.

Special menus come out on the regular to celebrate fun events, like the release of new movies. Their Cantina at The Well menu, for example, honors everything Star Wars. On that menu, you’ll find fun options like Bantha Milk, Java the Hutt, and Drink Me You Will. Their special menus change often, too, so you’ll want to drop in on the regular to see just what they’ve brewed up.

Insider Tips:
-For discounts on apps and drinks, stop by from 4 pm to 6 pm to enjoy all their happy hour specials.
-When dining in a party of eight or more, expect to see a gratuity automatically added to the bill.
-Their hours often change with the seasons, so check-in before stopping by to avoid missing their open window.