Shrimp Basket

Shrimp Basket in Pensacola Beach—Affordable Seafood Eats Close to the Seashore
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4 / 5
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If you’re in the mood for Gulf Coast seafood with a side of sea breeze, consider Pensacola Beach’s Shrimp Basket. The straight-shooting grub—including some better-than-average sides—comes affordably priced, and it’s yours to enjoy just a short stroll from Santa Rosa Sound (and within walking-distance reach of many local hotels).

- The Local Expert Team

This Pensacola Beach restaurant is but one of numerous Florida locations for this popular chain. The Gulf Shores-founded Shrimp Basket chain now runs seafood joints in five Southeastern states and is a chain restaurant that we can recommend without hesitation.

At this location, you’ve got indoor or outdoor seating to choose from, the latter option being a shaded patio that—while serving up merely a parking-lot view—does at least give you a taste of the island’s sea-breeze ambiance.

Reasonable prices and a menu covering a fair bit of coastal Southern culinary territory are the prime virtues at Shrimp Basket. Among the signature flourishes are house-made sides and sauces, including the “boom boom” sauce dressing the hand-breaded Boom BoomShrimp, the buttermilk ranch dressing accompanying the Fried Pickle Chips, the crab-cake remoulade, and the one-of-a-kind shrimp slaw that accompanies the baskets, platters, and several other entrees.

The heart of the Shrimp Basket menu includes the various grilled, blackened, or Cajuned platters and the fried baskets. Shrimp—surprise, surprise—is an option throughout, but you’ve also got such alternative options as crab claws, oysters, catfish, crawfish, and whitefish, not to mention chicken for those of more landlubber-leaning appetites. Other entrees include burgers, po’boy sandwiches, and mahi-mahi tacos, plus such regional specialties as seafood gumbo, shrimp étouffée, and shrimp n’ grits. The desserts reflect place as well, what with Key Lime Pie and Funnel Cake Fries on the menu.

There’s also a full kid’s menu with a little something for every palate: from shrimp and fish baskets to grilled cheese and quesadilla options for pickier eaters.

Given the breadth of the Shrimp Basket menu, you’re unlikely to be left wanting for something that suits your taste buds (and the culinary cravings of the moment). Naturally, you’ve got a wide array of beer, cocktails, and other adult beverages—plus non-alcoholic drinks—with which to wash down your meal.

Read on for some Shrimp Basket menu highlights!

Shrimp Basket
It’s the name of the entire chain, isn’t it? The heap of hand-battered and lightly fried shrimp is one thing, but the sides are just as noteworthy: a corn fritter, a pair of hushpuppies, and Shrimp Basket’s “signature” shrimp slaw (plus another side of your choice). Shrimp is only one of many options for the fried baskets; others include crab claw, oyster, and crawfish, not to mention popcorn shrimp.

Whitefish Platter
A standout feature of the Shrimp Basket menu is the ability to choose between grilled, blackened, or Cajuned shrimp, fish, or chicken-breast platters. The blackened whitefish option is a popular choice, and it comes with that same array of the abovementioned sides.

Crab Burger in Paradise
Get it? Anyhow, this is a Jimmy Buffet-referencing burger that doesn’t mess around, topping off a beef patty with a Shrimp Basket grilled crab cake (plus cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, and a side of French fries).

Low Country Boil For Two
This all-out Southern smorgasbord combines seasoned, peel-and-eat steamed shrimp with Conecuh sausage, new potatoes, and corn, plus that trademark Shrimp Basket shrimp slaw.

Shrimp PoBoy
You’ll love the crunch of fried shrimp in its comfy nest of lettuce, tomato, and pickle tucked inside some mayo-slathered, lightly toasted bread.

Whether your tastes gravitate to the grilled, fried, or steamed ends of the spectrum, the Shrimp Basket Kitchen likely or not has something right up your alley—suitable fuel for a day along the Emerald Coast beachfront!

Insider Tip:
Shrimp Basket offers regular all-you-can-eat specials for its baskets, so consider inquiring if you’ve got a particularly mean appetite (or large party).