Scenic 90 Cafe

Scenic 90 Cafe - Retro Diner Serving Up Traditional Fare Plus Fresh Seafood
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4 / 5
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Scenic 90 Cafe is a retro diner with an extensive menu that could satisfy nearly any appetite. From Southern specialties to seafood classics to traditional diner fare, you might have a tough time picking your favorite comfort food. 

- The Local Expert Team

Scenic 90 Cafe is a throwback to the heyday of diners. The funky retro setting instantly puts people in a good mood as they’re transported back to a time when sock hops were the main topic of conversation. Featuring a gleaming outside made of metal and a black-and-white checkered interior, you might just think you wandered into a movie set as soon as you enter.  If you’re in Pensacola, this is a great place to get your fill of anything from milkshakes to crab cakes. 

When people come here, they’re usually craving some serious comfort food. Corned beef hash and Southern fried chicken may not be the healthiest fare in the world, but it will leave you feeling completely sated. Plus, there are local twists everywhere you look on the menu. Whether you’re getting breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll see the telltale signs of the coast. Order up a plate of the catfish and fries or stop by on Sunday for the Au Gratin Seafood Casserole (the daily special). 

This diner manages to merge standard Southern fare with delicious seafood offerings, and they’re committed to honoring the original home of each dish. So even if you’re from a city like New Orleans, you might be impressed with just how well they do with your Cajun omelet.  

If you’re in Scenic 90 Cafe, here are our picks:

Cheese Grits 
Cheese grits may not sound like a particularly difficult thing to make, but you might be surprised if you’ve made your way across the South. The creamy and delectable version at Scenic 90 Cafe may just make it hard for you stomach anything but the best from the moment you try it. 

Philly Cheese Steak 
It may not be exactly like the famous sandwich made up North, especially seeing that it’s made with Swiss cheese rather than Velveeta, but it’s every bit as satisfying. The veggies, steak, and crusty French bread all pair perfectly together to fill you up right. 

Mullet Toss 
The mullet isn’t just a hairstyle from the days of yore. In Florida, they’re more likely to use the term to refer to the coastal fish that tastes great fried. With the mullet toss, you get just that but mixed with tabasco hollandaise sauce and the infamous cheese grits. We highly recommend it if you’re looking to combine the favorites of both breakfast and dinner! 

S’mores French Toast 
As the name might imply, you’re in for a sugar overload with the French toast here. Loaded with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, this tasty breakfast treat is for you if you were too full to order dessert at dinner the night before. 

With its undeniably fun menu, there are so many reasons to stop by Scenic 90 Cafe. The service is friendly, the food is good, and the clientele changes as you move your way across from breakfast to dinner. If you’re in Pensacola and looking for a few fried delights or even just a cold malt on a hot day, this is definitely the spot for you. 

Insider Tips:
– This diner is not open 24-hours, but it does serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on most days. 
– Just don’t stop by after 3 p.m. on a Monday — it’s the only day it closes early. 
– Scenic 90 Cafe has daily specials, but you may be able to order them on any day of the week (so just ask)!