Restaurant Iron

Restaurant Iron: Elegance and Epic Flavors
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Restaurant IRON takes true Southern cuisine to the level of elegance in a hearty, rich menu packed with flavor, authentic recipes, and unique blends of cuisine. Even better, it’s all locally-sourced and handmade, creating a truly exceptional experience every time.

- The Local Expert Team

For those seeking a location for a fine meal and still want to enjoy flavors they know and love, Restaurant IRON is a surefire bet. It’s a location that’s quite elegant, but it offers the charm and class of a true Southern restaurant. This comes through in the dishes as well as the friendly service here.

Restaurant IRON first opened in 2012 at a local golf club, but only offered lunch then. With popularity due to its fantastic dishes, all of which are homemade, the location moved in 2014 to its current location in the downtown area. Since then, it’s been essential to grab a reservation for those wishing to dine at the location.

The restaurant has been noted numerous times for its dishes, winning several awards, including being listed in the Top 100 of the nation on OpenTable for its “Fit for Foodies” locations. All of the positive vibes come from a menu that’s elegant and sophisticated, but with a true Southern charm to it. The menu blends things like local peaches with mozzarella, along with a bit of country ham to drive home the Southern influence. The menu also includes items such as white Pekin duck and foie with sweet pea risotto.

Fresh seafood is the main staple here, as well. Though the menu does change, options for craft-raised salmon, gulf catch of the day, and sunburst trout are available. There is also a large vegetarian menu available at the location with options that are anything but boring. At the same time, those who love steak are sure to find the prime ribeye here exceptional.

With a great deal of intense flavor and all of the spice expected of a Southern restaurant, Restaurant IRON is a must for those looking for a special evening out on the town or those seeking a unique dinner with family and friends. It is the type of location you will want to pull out your phones at and take photos of your food to share with friends.

Located in the downtown area of Pensacola Beach, Restaurant IRON is easy to locate right at the intersection of N. Palafox and Garden Street. It offers its own parking.

A few of our favorite dishes at Restaurant IRON include:

“Hot Chicken” Fried Cauliflower
Vegetarians will love this truly Southern version of fried “chicken” that’s actually made with cauliflower. It has a Kentucky sorghum hot chicken glaze on it to give it that authentic flavor. It’s served with house pickles which, on their own, is perfect. This is an appetizer to love.

Pain Fried Pork T-Bone
For a true stake lover, the Pan Fried Pork T-bone is an exceptional option, especially when you get it with the Benton’s Bacon Mac n’ Cheese it is normally served with that incorporates aged cheddar mornay. Quite the satisfying bite.

Black Garlic Butter Escargot & Gnocchi
Though it is supposed to be an appetizer, the Black Garlic Butter Escargot & Gnocchi is fantastic when enjoyed as a meal itself. It’s hugely flavorful with shaved Grana Padano cheese, fresh herbs, and cremini mushrooms.

Elysian Fields Lamb Belly Roulade
For those who love lamb, this version is full of flavor with a bit of an earthy taste to it. It comes with charred eggplant and pearled barley with a touch of mint.

Icebox Nutella Pie
There’s something special about the Icebox Nutella Pie recipe the restaurant offers that makes it good enough to come back to every time. It’s made with a Nutella Cremeux with a staled pretzel crust that offers that bite you want. The chocolate coffee beans and house caramel sauce take it to the next level.

Insider Tips:
– Spend less and get some incredible deals when you visit late at night. This is also the best time to stop in if you haven’t booked a reservation previously.
– The special events tend to be truly special with personalized service. The French Wine Dinner they do throughout the year is an exciting time to visit for a special wine pairing.