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There's a lot to love about Pensacola's food truck community, as you'll discover while hanging out at Nomadic Eats. Stop by to grab cold brew, craft soda, and a tasty fusion meal. 

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There’s a lot to be said for the food truck trend, which provides the ultimate in culinary convenience without compromising on quality. Sometimes, however, the most popular food trucks can be difficult to locate. Mobility is built into these operations — and while this helps businesses reach a wide array of customers, it also makes it tricky to determine where and when specific menu items will be available. 

Nomadic Eats solves this common problem by giving its food truck a permanent home on East Gregory Street in Pensacola. This places it just steps from several important businesses and churches, with patrons often arriving on foot. The food truck destination is also easily accessible from Interstate 110.

Technically, the location covers three distinct categories with its separate businesses: Nomadic Eats, Mrs. Jones Cold Brew, and Big Jerk Soda Co. Many visitors find themselves making purchases from all three, as each business offers foods or beverages that are sure to prompt cravings.

Nomadic Eats
As the food truck at the center of this mobile food and drink destination, Nomadic Eats is the brainchild of talented chef and travel aficionado Randy Russell. Through his various international adventures, he discovered the bold flavors of Latin American and Southeast Asia. He was especially intrigued by the food carts and other street vendors in these regions. He now reflects these traditions with the fusion food served at Nomadic Eats.

Rice bowls form the basis of the Nomadic Eats menu. Each bowl comes loaded with coconut jasmine rice, fried shallot, pickled onion, black beans, salsa roja, and lime verde. Depending on personal preferences, these bowls can also include adobo pork, hot chicken, or other meats. Vegetarians can opt for tasty cauliflower. Hot chicken and cauliflower tacos are also available, as are delicious egg rolls and croquettes. 

Mrs. Jones Cold Brew
There’s a lot to see and do in Pensacola, but getting started can be difficult when you’re in desperate need of caffeine. Hot coffee isn’t always appealing in Florida, however. Instead, opt for Mrs. Jones Cold Brew.

Born out of Mrs. Jones’ efforts to caffeinate her hardworking husband while operating in a small kitchen space, the business now brings that much-needed energy to Pensacola employees and sleep-deprived travelers. These days, Mrs. Jones offers a variety of locally produced beverages, as well as Elixir concentrates that coffee lovers can enjoy from the comfort of home. From cookie dough to pumpkin pie, a variety of flavors promise to please every type of coffee drinker.

Big Jerk Soda Co.
If you’re not in need of cold brew but would like a tasty beverage for washing down your fusion meal from Nomadic Eats, hit up Big Jerk Soda Co. This craft soda company goes beyond typical soft drinks to deliver a variety of innovative flavors. Top options for quenching your thirst include Blueberry Meyer Lemonade, Alabama Muscadine, and Thai Hot Pineapple. 

Take a culinary adventure from the convenience of Nomadic Eats, where you’ll find not only delicious fusion meals but also unique soda and cold brew flavors.

Insider Tips:
– Parking can be a bit complicated at Nomadic’s Cafe, with many visitors assuming they need to pay. This misconception has kept quite a few interested individuals from stopping by. In reality, customers can park for free — but validation is required. For this reason, many people prefer to arrive on foot. Should you choose to park onsite, simply provide your license plate number for the employee at the food truck or cafe register. 
– As an integral part of the Pensacola food truck community, Nomadic Eats cooperates with several other businesses to bring a rotating menu of exciting eats to its permanent location. Depending on when you visit, you might spot such favorites as Pineapple Express Rice Bowls or the Mister Softee ice cream truck. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for Nomadic or Big Jerk Soda Co. to get an idea of which food trucks are onsite at any given time.