Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor – Pensacola

The Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor: A Local Community Hangout
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor in Pensacola serves a very important role as a safe hangout for area locals and visitors alike. This of course is to say nothing of the many delicious treats and lunch specials the establishment offers on a daily basis. A visit to this unique, culturally rich ice cream parlor is well worth your trouble when in the Pensacola area. 

- The Local Expert Team

Proudly offering kids and families a safe place to hang out and enjoy delicious snacks in Pensacola, the minority-owned Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor has a little something to offer everyone and is a welcome part of the local community. The commitment to the family unit and the community overall is evident in every aspect of the way this parlor provides exemplary food, service, and a safe place to stay. This local hangout in Pensacola is a favorite of both vacationers and locals alike, giving it a unique community appeal and welcoming, at-home atmosphere. While offering a wide range of ice cream treats, the Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor also features coffee, milkshakes, ice cream floats, and other bakery items that are sure to be some of the best you have ever tasted. Just countless options offered at the bakery include specialty cookies, brownies, cakes, cheesecake, cake pops, popcorn, and more. 

Enjoy the beautifully designed parlor’s interior which features hand-painted murals promoting the cultural backbone of this area of Pensacola Beach. You can sit inside and eat your decadent treat in one of the many booths or take your treat to go. However, many guests enjoy simply hanging out, smelling the goodies as they are made, and enjoying the community promoted in the parlor. Guests rave about this local business that offers mouth-watering treats in a clean, safe environment and even boasts clean bathrooms! In addition to the delicious treats that are the specialty of the parlor, the Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor in Pensacola also boasts some lunch specials that go along with their dessert choices. While they of course specialize in their cones, sundaes, and other delicious treats, they also offer a meal at midday for area locals and guests alike to enjoy. 

When visiting the Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor in Pensacola, you have to try…

Lunch Specials
As mentioned above, this parlor takes care of you even when it comes to regular food options. The options are not immense to be fair, but this is an ice cream parlor after all.  When visiting, you can enjoy hot dogs and chips with your choice of drink, or ice cream treat as part of their lunch specials.

Flipp Mode Delight
This delicious treat allows you to choose from chocolate, butter pecan, or black walnut ice cream, with a choice of toppings of black walnuts, pecans, or chocolate syrup. Then, they flip it to create a delicious, unique treat!  

Twisted Items
Other specialties offered in the Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor include the Banana Split, Brownie Sundae, Skittle Twister, and Cookie Sandwich. 

Cups and Cones
The Parlor specializes in cups and cones, ranging in sizes from kiddie to quart, with several sizes in between. You can opt for a waffle cone instead of a standard cone for an additional charge. 

No ice cream parlor would be complete without an offering of ice cream sundaes, and the Neighborhood Ice Parlor is no exception. Choose from a small, medium, or large-sized sundae, which all come with whip cream and a cherry. You can also add one free topping per every scope of ice cream you include in your sundaes. 

If you love good coffee, you will appreciate the choices of an iced latte, frappe, ice coffee, or hot coffee proudly offered here. 

Other Notable Goodies
The Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor always has something delicious to try from their bakery. These homemade treats, including cookies, brownies, and more offer a bit of variety when compared to only ice cream treats. Of course, you can always add a scope of ice cream to any of these treats to create an even more delicious dish.  

Insider Tips:
-The Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor also offers vegan and sugar-free options for those with dietary restrictions. 
-This parlor often hosts karaoke night and other fun events, like a neighborhood block party, on-site for their guests.