Joe Patti’s Seafood Market

Wholesale, Fresh Seafood and Delectable Sushi at Joe Patti's Seafood Market
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Made-to-order sushi and nigiri, a bounty of fresh seafood to take home, and a super-friendly atmosphere—it's a seafood lovers paradise! Fresh Maine lobster, crab cakes, shelled shrimp by the pound, this wholesale seafood market has it all, whether you're a diner or a chef yourself.

- The Local Expert Team

Located in Pensacola Bay for more than 75 years, Joe Patti’s Seafood Market has been serving up wholesale seafood in the freshest quality to the general public since 1931. Captain Joe Patti and his wife Anna, started the humble seafood business by selling fresh fish right off of the front porch of their home in Pensacola.

Captain Joe believed if he had fair prices and high-quality seafood, his customers would become regulars, and they most assuredly have. These days, Joe Patti’s Seafood Market is one of the largest of its kind and serves thousands of happy customers every year. 

The quaint little porch-seafood business quickly grew from its humble beginnings, and it wasn’t long before Captain Joe was providing fresh seafood to restaurants and eateries all around the Pensacola area. By the 1990s, Joe Patti’s Seafood Market had everything from its own sushi bar to a fine wine section named specifically for Mrs. Anna Patti: Anna’s Fine Wines.

If you stop in at Joe Patti’s today, and we highly recommend it, you will be amazed by just how much this place has to offer, and there is no way you will leave empty-handed. 

Joe Patti’s Seafood Market in Pensacola is a huge place. So huge, in fact, that it is easy to get overwhelmed the first time you stop in for a visit because there is so much seafood to see.

The sushi bar and cafe is centrally located in the market and it isn’t hard to find—you’ll likely catch sight of the sushi chefs preparing orders before a crowd of onlookers. If you do end up making it to Joe Patti’s through the week, there is a chance you can catch a peek of the Blue Angel’s practicing air maneuvers at the Air Force base nearby.  

Our favorite menu items on the sushi menu included: 

Seafood Salad 
Love seafood all the way around? This salad is a must if you do. laced with a variety of colorful and flavorful seaweed and topped with squid and octopus, this salad is a perfect pairing with some rolled sushi or shrimp tempura. You get your choice of ponzu sauce or spicy mayo with your order. The ponzu sauce was our favorite, but the spicy mayo was fantastic too. 

Dragon Rolls 
This sushi roll is made out of krabstick, (a flavorful imitation crab meat), avocado, and cucumber and is topped with fresh eel. You have your choice of a seaweed or soy wrapper, and this roll is pretty impressively sized for the price. This is actually a specialty roll on the menu because of its unique ingredients, which pop with freshness with every bite. 

Joe Patti Specialty Roll 
This menu option is an all-around good choice whether you are a sushi connoisseur or just trying sushi for the first time. You get shrimp, krabstick, and eel wrapped up with slices of buttery avocado, crisp cucumber slices, and thin slices of smoked salmon. As a bonus, every sushi order comes with pickled ginger and wasabi or soy sauce on the side.

Joe Patti’s Sushi Menu is available for dine-in or carry out, and you can call in advance so they will get your order ready for pickup if you want. With over 46 different menu choices available, it is easy to build yourself a perfectly satisfying seafood smorgasbord, and the prices really are fair. 

There has not been one time that we visited Joe Patti’s and not found exactly what we wanted. Whether you are shopping for fresh seafood to take home or ordering something delectable from the sushi menu, you’re always going to get quality products.

Insider Tips:
-Remember is to ask the chef to place your sushi or shrimp on ice before packaging it for a carry-out order. This stops the cooking process so your sushi doesn’t get tough on the way home.
-If you can, try to get to the market early in the day before things get busy. As fresh seafood sells out it can be harder to get your hands on what you want as the day progresses.