Ice Cream Shoppe at Pensacola

Ice Cream Shoppe at Pensacola – Get Scrumptious Ice Cream and Other Sweet Treats on the Double
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Are you looking for ice cream, candy, and all the other sugary goodness you could ever want? If so, you need to plan a visit to Ice Cream Shoppe at Pensacola. At this bayside ice cream shop, they proudly roll out all the fan favorites upon request, serving every last one up with a smile.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to satisfy your sweet tooth in an instant, head on over to Ice Cream Shoppe at Pensacola. Set right along the bay, this little shop goes big on the ice cream treats, but their offerings don’t stop there. Candy by the pound, artisan chocolate truffles, cookies, and many other small-bite treats fill out their shelves, making it easy to get just what you’re craving.  

To get a taste of all their awesome goodies, you just need to zip along Via De Luna Drive, and then find a spot in their big parking lot. Candy-striped signs shout, “Ice Cream” and “Chocolate,” indicating that you’re at the right place. As you waltz through the doors, you’ll instantly notice the same pink and white striped pattern on the signs emblazoned across their walls. The resulting design gives a nod to old-school ice cream shops while keeping things wholly modern.

You’ll have a minute to soak in the beauty of the shop – and its welcoming atmosphere as you get in the line leading up to the counter. Warm greetings will come your way, too, letting you see their friendly service in action from the start. While you wait, you can explore their menu, check out all the delicious ice cream flavors, and eye all the candy in your midst.

If you love ice cream, you’ll definitely want to get at least one scoop of your favorite flavor. They only carry the finest Hershey’s Ice Cream, which they’re happy to serve up just how you like it. You can get yours in a classic cake cone, waffle cone, paper bowl, or even piled high on a fresh-baked brownie. After that, you can take your ice cream to the next level with hot fudge, Oreo pieces, and many other wonderful toppings.   

If you want to keep the ice cream deliciousness going well into the evening hours, be sure to grab a pint or quart of your favorite flavors. Before you do that, go over to the bins to scoop up all the best candies to use as toppings. With that move, you’ll be ready for fully-loaded ice cream treats any time the craving strikes.

Top-notch menu items include:

Hot Fudge Brownie Delight
When you want the full ice cream experience, don’t hesitate to try the Hot Fudge Brownie Delight. A warm brownie serves as the base, creating the perfect spot for a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Over that, they add a generous drizzle of hot fudge and caramel. Then, they sprinkle on the pecans and peanuts before adding homemade whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Ice Cream Float
If you want to create a memorable flavor combination all your own, go with the Ice Cream Float. With that move, you get to combine whatever flavor of ice cream you want with the soda of your choice. They have Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Orange, and Grape. But for a classic touch, get the Root Beer, for sure.

Chocolate Truffles
With their beautiful appearance and bold flavors, Artisan Chocolate Truffles promise to exceed your every expectation. The truffle flavors change often, so you’ll want to ask about their fillings before buying. If you just want to leave it to chance, request them to make you an assortment at random.

Whether you get ice cream, candy, or both, you can eat inside at one of their tables if you wish. But if you want a truly divine dessert experience, take your selections out onto the beach to enjoy at your leisure. As you sit by the waterfront, you’ll get to take in the beautiful ocean views while savoring all the best sweets around. Afterward, walk off all that excess sugar by beachcombing, hopping the waves, or even going for a dip.

Insider Tips:
-Their adorable décor makes for the perfect background for all your ice cream shop selfies.
-The music stays on pretty loud all day. So, plan to grab your goodies and run if you want to avoid the noise.