Agapi Bistro + Garden

The Ultimate Love: Agapi Bistro & Garden
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Visit Agapi Bistro & Garden for a little taste of the Mediterranean in the heart of Pensacola, Florida. This quaint bistro boasts friendly, knowledgeable service, with a relaxing homey atmosphere that embodies the overarching motto of the establishment, the ultimate love. It is a great neighborhood spot to enjoy delicious food and engaging conversation.  

- The Local Expert Team

As a quaint Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Pensacola, Agapi Bistro & Garden is a culmination of their greatest loves. Aptly named since Agapi is Greek for ultimate love, this coastal gem offers a culmination of a love for food, community, togetherness, and cooking. 

Led by award-winning Executive Chef Gus Silivos and Chef de Cuisine Justin Robinson, each dish served at Agapi Bistro & Garden, is prepared from the heart by highly skilled chefs who use locally sourced ingredients and sustainable seafood whenever possible.  

Aside from having award-winning chefs, the Agapi Bistro & Garden is itself award-winning as it was voted the 2021 Best New Restaurant, Best of the Coast Awards by InWeekly Magazine. This neighborhood bistro and garden is a place where friends can gather and relax and a feeling of home is always promoted. This in addition to their savory foods, superb wine, local beers, and hand-crafted cocktails makes it a must-visit location when in the area. 

Guests rave about the kind and personable service as well as the superb menu options they enjoyed when visiting Agapi. Some even dubbed it the best fine dining in all of Pensacola, Florida. Happy hour specials for various drinks were another guest-noted favorite for this locale. There is outdoor patio seating available at the Agapi Bistro, but with the heat in Pensacola, this is sometimes not comfortable. However, the charming indoor setting is always welcoming and open to guests. Of course, when temperatures are agreeable, outdoor seating can be a wonderful option and a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

It’s worth noting that according to guest visits and reviews, this is not a location to go and have your food thrown at you. Instead, this is a comfortable, intimate setting, though not crowded, which is designed for you to linger over your meal. In other words, it’s more than a meal, it’s an experience that shouldn’t be rushed but enjoyed.

The menu at Agapi Bistro & Garden includes lunch, dinner, happy hour, Saturday Brunch, desserts, and drink varieties. The overarching theme of the delicious dishes that make up the menu is a combination of Mediterranean flavors with ingredients and flavors of the Gulf Coast. The end result is fresh, inventive, and eye-catching options, all full of flavor. 

When visiting Agapi Bistro & Garden, make sure you try the following options:

These dishes invite you to share the love and include a wide assortment of appetizers. The Chef-Curated Charcuterie is a favorite and includes a selection of house-cured artisanal preserved meats, pickled vegetables, gourmet cheeses, and sweet and savory condiments. There is a vegan option for this as well as several other starters to choose from. 

Soups & Salads
Another popular option is the Agapi soups and salads. Choices include the Bay Shrimp Bisque, with bay shrimp, cream and sherry finish, and tomato all with a Skopelos recipe. There are also other salad options like the Cesar Salad that comes with housemade dressing, grana Padano, rye croutons, and is served with hearts of romaine. There are also chef seasonal soups that are based on the seasonal availability of ingredients. 

No visit to Agapi can properly begin without trying the scrumptious bread. Opt for the Skopelitiki Pita which is a Skopelos island original and is an evoo and feta-filled spiral roll.  Fresh bread also includes the sourdough or baguette option that is baked daily and served with olive oil, pesto Genovese, sweet cream butter, and fresh herbs. 

If you still have room after eating the starters, you can move on to the immense main options. This includes several choices such as the Fisherman’s Risotto, which is a creamy risotto with calamari, royal red shrimp, and PEI mussels. Another option is the Dry Aged Ribeye, which is a 14 oz boneless CAB ribeye served with whipped potatoes, olive oil and creme fraiche, pinot demi, and charred asparagus.

Insider Tips:
-Agapi Bistro & Garden offers a full bar as well as wines and other specialty drinks. 
-Private dining and group seating are available upon request. Reservations are advised for all sized parties. 
-There is takeout available at this location.