Grand Theatre 16 – Pier Park

The Grand Theatre 16 – Watch Movies in Pier Park from Comfy Reclining Leather Seats
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At The Grand Theatre 16 in Pier Park, you can watch newly-released movies from comfortable reclining leather seats. With their assigned seating, and online booking options, you can almost always snag your favorite spot without having to arrive early. Plan to get there early enough to visit their concessions stand, however, as it is chockfull of delicious food and tasty drinks, including adult beverages.  

- The Local Expert Team

The Grand Theatre 16 at Pier Park is the place to go to see new movies in a comfortable setting. They make your comfort a top priority by fitting their theaters with reclining leather seats from wall to wall. The addition of these seats is relatively new, occurring with their full remodel in early 2019.

You can kick back in your reclining seat without worrying about disrupting your movie-going neighbors, as they leave so much room between the aisles. They only offer reserved seating, however, so you will need to pick your seats before entering the Grand Theatre 16. Then, stay put in those assigned seats for the duration of the movie.

Their theater screens also go wall to wall, providing an incredible view of all the movies you want to see. They regularly run about a dozen movies at a time, giving their guests tons of entertainment options. Their picture quality is incredible, especially if you splurge on the IMAX ticket upgrade. The digital sound system is equally good and beautifully pipes the dialogue, music, and other key sounds into the theater as the movie rolls.

Their concession stand is well worth a visit, as they go far beyond simply offering popcorn and soda (though those are still fan favorites). From pizza to adult beverages, they have everything you could want while watching a movie.

Favorites at the Grand Theatre 16 concession stand include:

Crisp, salty, and buttery, the popcorn is almost good enough to write home about. If you would like to fill up popcorn during your visit, make sure to get the large bucket, which comes with a free refill. They make their popcorn fresh all day and evening long, so you are always treated to the best.

If you are hankering for hot, cheesy goodness, then their nachos are calling your name. They have both regular and extra cheese options, giving you plenty of control over how they are prepared. To help both you and your nachos make it to your seat, they provide plastic trays to carry your food into the theater.

Alcoholic Beverages
To stay in line with the times, Grand Theatre 16 now offers adult beverages to guests aged 21 and older. They have a wide range of drink options available at all times, including mini bottles of wine. Their beer selection is always changing and often includes many popular craft brews.  

With so much good food on tap and minimal time between showings, the theater seats are not always as clean as they should be. Staff are happy to clean up or even offer alternative seating, if available when there is a problem with the seats.

Insider Tips:
– To avoid a wait and get the seats you want, book your tickets online before heading up to the Grand Theatre 16.
– Skip sitting in the very back row to avoid a handrail that is partially blocking the view of the screen.
– On your way out, swing by the desk by the front door to see if they have any free movie posters available.
– Save money on your ticket by going on Super Saver Tuesday.