Russell-Fields Pier

Russell-Fields Pier: Panama City Beach's Most Impressive Gulf View
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

From fishing to strolling, Russell-Fields Pier offers a wide array of recreational opportunities. Stop by to enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery of the Gulf of Mexico and Panama City Beach.

- The Local Expert Team

Enjoy a memorable view of the Gulf of Mexico from the impressive vantage point provided by Panama City Beach’s Russell-Fields Pier. Extending 1,500 feet, the pier is open to the public. It’s an amazing spot for enjoying peaceful sunsets, leisurely strolls, or even laid-back fishing. 

Spectators are welcome to walk the pier for a small fee of $3. Before you visit, keep in mind that this has become a popular spot in recent years due to its convenient location near Pier Park. As such, you can expect to see quite a few other spectators depending on when you arrive. Despite this influx of visitors, however, the pier remains a surprisingly peaceful setting. That being said, if you want the place to yourself, your best shot at privacy will arrive early in the morning — before most tourists head out to explore the Pier Park area. The pier is open 24 hours a day, so you’re welcome to stop by any time you see fit.

As you stroll along the pier, keep an eye out for marine life. You’ll likely observe several fishers eager for a good catch, but that’s only the beginning. Dolphins can often be seen swimming near the pier — a truly delightful sight. Sea turtles and stingrays are also regularly spotted, as are a wide variety of birds.

Several benches can be found along the pier; if you’re able, set aside some time to grab a seat, kick back, and enjoy the view. Binoculars could prove a boon for your marine animal viewing experience; while the dolphins and other sea creatures sometimes approach the pier, they are more frequently spotted swimming in the distance. A camera is also essential; it’s far from easy to capture dolphins and sea turtles, but it’s certainly worth a try.

If you’re on the hunt for an excellent fishing location in Panama City Beach, look no further than Russell-Fields Pier, where vacationers and locals alike regularly come away with impressive caches. Feel free to purchase your daily fishing license right at the pier for $6. Russell-Fields also provides rod rentals for a reasonable fee, as well as bait and tackle to get you started.

Depending on the season, you can expect to find Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, flounder, and pompano, among others. Keep in mind, however, that the influx of pedestrians can serve as a bit of a distraction, especially as many enjoy asking fishers about their catches. If you prefer a private fishing experience, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

Ultimately, whether your idea of the perfect pier visit involves a productive fishing trip or a casual stroll, you’ll find plenty to appreciate about this beautiful location. Stop by to enjoy the natural Gulf scenery and the friendly vibes — you’ll leave with gorgeous photos, and just maybe, a quality catch.

Insider Tips:
– The pier’s parking lot tends to fill up quickly during peak hours. Don’t get too discouraged if the lot is full when you arrive; additional parking can be found across the street. 
– Restrooms are available, but you won’t find them at the end of the pier. As such, it’s important to plan ahead if you expect to fish or spend a considerable amount of time strolling the pier.
– Dogs are not allowed on the pier, but thankfully, a dog-friendly beach can be found adjacent to the attraction.