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Lagoon Pontoon: Experience the Best of Panama City Beach Via Pontoon Boat or Jet Ski
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4 / 5
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Experience the pristine beauty of St. Andrews Bay from the exciting perch of a pontoon boat or while jet skiing. Lagoon Pontoon grants you access to the best boats and equipment, all while clueing you in on top dolphin viewing spots and other insider secrets.

- The Local Expert Team

There’s more to the Panama City Beach experience than sunbathing. If you’re an adventurer at heart, you’ll want to explore the scenery via jet ski or pontoon boat at least once. Lagoon Pontoon makes it all possible by offering an array of tours and rentals. Whether you’re primarily interested in sunsets over the bay, dolphin encounters, or thrill seeking, you’ll find something to love about this trusted rental and tour guide provider. 

Booking is available both online and over the phone. The online system is easy to navigate, but if you call, you’ll chat with friendly staff members who are happy to guide you through the booking process.

When you arrive, you will receive a warm introduction and a thorough overview of whatever equipment you’ve signed up to use. You will quickly notice that the company’s fleet is in pristine condition. If you opt for a pontoon rental, you’ll also be struck by how easy the boat is to operate, even if you’ve never set foot on one before. 

A few of our favorite activities and amenities include the following:

Pontoon Boat Rentals
Lagoon Pontoon offers 60 and 90 horsepower rental boats, both of which accommodate up to twelve passengers. Additionally, the company offers luxurious double-deck pontoon boats, which feature multiple slides and are therefore ideal for groups with kids. Your rental also includes fuel, safety gear, and detailed maps of the area. Between this essential equipment and the careful instructions you’ll receive before departing, you’ll quickly feel like a pontoon pro. During your expedition, you and your loved ones can take in gorgeous views at a relaxed pace. 

Jet Ski Adventure Tours
This is your opportunity to check jet skiing off your bucket list. The two-hour tour covers ten miles in the Shell Island area, where you’ll see dolphins not only from afar, but also up close and personal. While much of the tour is fast-paced, you’ll also slow down on occasion to check out the sand dollars, hermit crabs, and starfish. Don’t worry if you’re new to jet skiing — your guide will help you figure everything out before you take off. 

Unguided Jet Ski Rentals
Explore St. Andrews Bay at you see fit — jet ski rentals make it all possible. Prior experience is required to operate the company’s jet skis without a guide. Rentals are available for two hours, half a day, or a full day. 

Dolphin Boat Tours
Join a small group of dolphin enthusiasts to explore the beauty of Shell Island both above and below water. You’ll hunt for sand dollars while snorkeling, and, of course, search for dolphins. This personalized tour has no set itinerary; your group will work together to decide where you want to explore — with input from the captain.

Whether you find yourself relaxing on a pontoon boat or experiencing the thrill of jet skiing, you’ll be glad you embraced your adventurous side. Don’t be surprised if you return a second or even a third time for more views and more excitement.

Insider Tips:
-Check the forecast well before you head out on your pontoon or jet ski trip. Lagoon Pontoons’ staff members have been known to give the go-ahead to renters in spite of dicey weather predictions. Tours also regularly occur in less than ideal weather, although the guides offer tailored advice to make the most of the varying conditions.
-Fishing is allowed from Lagoon Pontoons boats, but you’ll need to arrive equipped with a valid Florida fishing license.
-If you plan on spending a half day or a full day with Lagoon Pontoons, be sure to pack plenty of beverages and snacks. You are allowed — and encouraged — to bring coolers on the pontoon boats.