Hidden Lagoon Super Race Track and Golf

Hidden Lagoon Super Racetrack and Golf: Family-Friendly Fun at a Beautifully-Maintained Facility
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4 / 5
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Family-friendly fun is always in style at the Hidden Lagoon Super Racetrack and Golf. Stop by for the thrill of go karts or for a leisurely mini golf session. Either way, you'll have no trouble relaxing and making memories at this delightful getaway.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

The Hidden Lagoon Super Racetrack and Golf has a long history in Panama City Beach, where it has entertained visitors with mini golf for over three decades. The destination’s Super Racetrack has been around nearly as long, providing thrills for visitors of all ages.

Today, the family-owned business maintains the same welcoming atmosphere that has kept visitors returning for years. Although it can get crowded on the weekend, the park generally maintains relaxed vibes. This makes it an ideal escape not only for families but also for groups of friends or couples on the search of a youthful take on date night.

In between the fun of go-karts and mini-golfing, don’t hesitate to set aside time to enjoy a snack. Situated on a covered deck, the snack bar offers a lovely view of the course, so you can watch others tackle mini-golf challenges as you enjoy an ice cream or other treats.

From the snack bar to the mini-golf course and even the racetrack, the full range of facilities and amenities at Hidden Lagoon are impeccably maintained and kept clean at all times. Likewise, the decor has been chosen with care to grant the entire destination a pleasant atmosphere.

A few of our favorite activities include the following:

Super Golf
As the original activity at Hidden Lagoon, mini-golf has entertained multiple generations of visitors. The destination is actually home to two mini-golf courses, both of which are worth checking out. One is slightly more challenging than the other, but both are accessible to beginners. Elevation changes and multi-level greens keep intermediate and advanced golfers intrigued, as do multiple ‘pick the right path’ scenarios. The final challenge, although extraordinarily difficult, provides the enticing opportunity to win $50. If you succeed, you’re welcome to take your picture with your crisp $50 bill to be displayed on the official Hidden Lagoon Facebook page.

Super Racetrack
Get ready to race your way through a winding track that provides plenty of exciting turns and elevation changes. Several long stretches are also provided so that you can pick up plenty of speed. Stretching nearly a mile, this is the longest go-kart track on the Emerald Coast. The go-karts are well-matched in terms of speed, so you’ll never feel as if other drivers have an unfair advantage. The vehicles are well-maintained — and the staff members make it clear that safety is of paramount importance. Feel free to stop by during the evening, when the track is illuminated to provide an enjoyable nighttime experience.

Koi Pond
A highly underrated aspect of Hidden Lagoon, the koi pond is worth a visit in its own right. Be sure to pack quarters so you can feed the fish. The pond is also home to multiple turtles, who can often be seen swimming about. This water feature is a top attraction among young children, so don’t be surprised if you spend nearly as much time by the pond as you do on the mini-golf course.

Every moment at Hidden Lagoon is an adventure. Between the mini-golf, go-karts, snacks and koi fish, you’ll easily get your fill of family-friendly fun.

Insider Tips:
– Hidden Lagoon maintains strict height requirements for its go-karts. To ride with a parent or a licensed driver, children must be at least 36 inches. Those under 56 inches are not permitted to drive alone.
– Don’t lose the paper tickets you’re handed after you pay your admission fees for the racetrack. Each time you pass the attendant at the track, you’ll need to slow down and hand off one of the tickets. While some drivers find this frustrating, others believe it has an equalizing effect that’s likely to keep larger groups together — thereby enhancing the entire experience for families or groups of friends.