Coconut Creek Family Fun Park

Coconut Creek Family Fun Park: Mini-Golf and Mazes With Tropical Flair
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4 / 5
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Hit up Coconut Creek Family Fun Park for a leisurely day of mini-golf and maze-based adventures. This family-friendly attraction brings tropical vibes and good feelings to Panama City Beach.

- The Local Expert Team

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Little Island in the Sun,’ Coconut Creek Family Fun Park provides a laid-back source of recreation in Panama City Beach. Consisting of two mini-golf courses and a giant puzzle maze, this destination provides plenty of entertainment for visitors of all ages.

The beautifully landscaped and maintained grounds at Coconut Creek make every visit a treat. Everywhere you look, you’ll spot fun visual details. While the activities are enjoyable in and of themselves, you could be thoroughly entertained just by strolling through the park and observing its impressive decor.

You’ll probably want to eat before or shortly after your visit, as the onsite offerings aren’t exactly extensive. That being said, it’s worth setting aside a little extra cash for the sake of David’s Snow Cones, which are both flavorful and refreshing. 

While the main attractions at the park are obviously the mini-golf and the maze, some people visit primarily for the photo opportunities. The mini-golf course, in particular, provides plenty of great backdrops for family photos, several of which include tropical animals. Keep your camera or smartphone on hand throughout your visit; you never know when the perfect photo opportunity might arise. 

The staff members at Coconut Creek Family Fun Park are invariably cheerful — and willing to assist when visitors are in need of help. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you find yourself stuck in the maze; a small hint from one of the staff members will surely get you back on track. 

A few of our favorite activities and attractions include the following:

Home to multiple 18-hole mini-golf courses, Coconut Creek Family Fun Park provides a sense of adventure for visitors of all ages and skill levels. Experienced mini-golfers will enjoy the course’s opportunity to win a free game by acing a difficult shot. This is one of multiple challenges capable of keeping mini-golf veterans entertained. Beginners, however, should also find the courses plenty accessible.

While you navigate each course, keep your eyes out for the many fish in Good Luck Lake. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot bass, brim, and carp. Occasionally, visitors even see turtles. Otherwise, enjoy the safari-themed decor and landscaping. 

Gran Maze
As the very first American-designed giant maze constructed in the US, Coconut Creek’s Gran Maze provides a sea of passageways that are sure to challenge you and your loved ones. Multiple options exist for enjoying this adventure; you can compete individually with your companions or work as a team to tackle the maze puzzle together. Either way, you’re invited to complete this activity at your own pace.

All you need to do is clock in at the entrance and hit all four checkpoints prior to reaching the exit. This is easier said than done, of course, as the maze is approximately the size of a football field. This is your opportunity to test your navigational skills. One time through the maze, and you’ll be eager to return in hopes of beating your record.

There might not be a ton of recreational options available at Coconut Creek Family Fun Park, but the attraction’s two main activities are more than capable of keeping you and your companions entertained. Get ready to enjoy a memorable visit chock full of photo opportunities and laid-back fun.

Insider Tips:
– If you visit with children who prefer to navigate the maze on their own, there is no reason to worry; you’re welcome to hang out on the observation deck, where you can track their progress from afar. 
– Keep in mind that, if you leave the maze at any point using the emergency exit, you will not be allowed to re-enter. As such, it’s important to drink plenty of water and use the restroom before you begin this adventure, as it takes some visitors quite some time to complete.