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A Swamp Stompin' Good Time: Panama City Airboat Adventures
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Panama City Airboat Adventures is located at 6523 FL-79 in Panama City Beach, Florida. If you or your family has yet to experience a truly authentic Florida airboat experience, make it a point to schedule one at Panama City Airboat Adventures. It is a sensational combination of an Eco-tour and thrill ride you won't soon forget! 

- The Local Expert Team

If you and your gang are ready for a wind blowin’, adrenaline pumpin’, swamp stompin’ real Florida experience like no other, then put Panama City Airboat Adventures on your list of things to do when visiting the Panhandle. You may not remember everything you did on your next vacation but you’ll recall your trip aboard a powerful and powerfully loud airboat!

This is part Eco-adventure, sight-seeing tour, learning experience, and thrill ride, all rolled into one. On the eco-tour side you’ll likely see native Florida wildlife like American Bald Eagles, ospreys, heron, dolphins, alligators and so much more. Glide just inches above the water in a real everglades-style airboat. Enjoy the scenery of the West Bay and area rivers, creeks, and marshlands. This is a heart-pounding experience that will bring smiles and laughs to everyone in the family.

A big part of the fun of your airboat adventure is the personality of your airboat captain. These are the folks that present “the show within the show”. The team at Panama City Airboat Adventures is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard as Master Captains. This team includes Captain Rick with almost two decades of airboat experience. He also happens to be a nuisance alligator trapper in Florida and amazingly still has all of his fingers. Captain Mike, “The Old Bald Guy” is known as the team prankster and has over 12 years of airboat experience. Captain Ranger is ex-military and still enjoys the thrill of driving airboats. Captain Nancy has 30 years of experience as a nurse and is now enjoying life on the waters of the Pensacola Bay area. Captain Duck is the newest addition to the team. You’ll also likely meet Miss Shelly, “Skipper” and David and his trained alligator “Bubba” who responds to voice commands.

Gator-Eco Tours are available six times daily and begins with a trip through our alligator exhibit and demonstration. You can even have a “personal” alligator experience. It is then time to start your 1-hour adventure on the waters on and around the West Bay. Our both 6 and 16 passenger airboats are powered by roaring big block Chevy engines. You’ll have an opportunity to slowly and carefully work your way through marshes and creeks to spot native wildlife including alligators. What will really get the heart thumping is when these powerful boats begin to reach full throttle, roaring behind you. The experience is part flying, part boating as you skim along the top of the water; wind and water misting those onboard.

The ride is made compelling by the unique construction of these airboats, with flat bottoms and passenger-forward design. The Captain sits behind and above the passengers with the powerful engine and prop just feet behind him/her. While most of the thundering sound is left behind, available sound muffling headphones can minimize any discomfort.

Insider Tips:
– If you have a group of six or more, contact Airboat Adventures for rates for a private experience.
– Arrive early and request front row seats for the most intense airboat experience.