Harpoon Harry’s Beachfront Restaurant

Harpoon Harry’s Beachfront Restaurant in Panama City Beach: Amazing Surfside Views
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Harpoon Harry’s isn’t the cheapest casual-dining option in Panama City Beach, but then again you’re partly paying for some fantastic beachfront dining and ocean views. There’s not really a bad seat in the house, and seafood lovers will appreciate the comprehensive brine bounty on offer.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

It’s hard to beat the seaside perch Harpoon Harry’s enjoys. Whether from the inside dining room’s big, sunny windows or the outdoor deck, you’ll have the PCB beach so close you’ll feel you could almost reach out and touch the Gulf of Mexico.

A certain aesthetic might be called to mind by the name Harpoon Harry’s—maybe a lot of crab traps and shark jaws and life preservers hanging from the wall. For the most part, though, that’s not really the vibe inside: It’s got a slightly more upscale feel, though at its heart this is a casual eatery with plenty of tourist appeal.

Nice as a barstool, booth, or table inside might be, there’s really no topping the al fresco experience on the deck, given you’ll have the sea breeze to sweeten your meal. A sunset dinner or cocktail takes the cake.

The appetizers run to the greasy-fingered side of the spectrum: from Harpoon Harry’s World Famous Jumbo Wings and the Spicy Sweet Fried Pickles to the Firecracker Shrimp, Mega Nachos, and Cheesy Seafood Dip.

Surf and turf reign among the main entrees: the Grouper Filet, Harry’s Crab Cakes, the Delmonico Rib Eye, Harpoon Harry’s World Famous Seafood Bucket, and more. If you’re in the mood for something handheld, consider a burger or the Philly Steak & Cheese, Caribbean Fish, or another sandwich.

The most postcard-perfect dessert? That’d have to be the Key Lime Tower, a multi-tiered pie edged and topped with lime and whipped cream. A presentation worthy of the Florida Keys!

You won’t leave Harpoon Harry’s thirsty, meanwhile, not with the jumbo-size cocktails such as the Monster 42oz Harpoon (a rum treat), the Bahama Mama, the Margarita Banana, and the 7 Seas Lemonade (which, needless to say, is not just lemonade).

Let’s take a gander at some special menu highlights at Harpoon Harry’s:

Harry’s Cheesy Seafood Dip
A creamy blend of shrimp, scallops, and plenty of cheese married to some warmed tortilla chips equal starter-course pleasure.

Harpoon Harry’s World Famous Seafood Bucket
We’re not sure it’s actually “world famous,” but we do know this is a good route to go if you’ve got a mean appetite and want to complement the Gulf of Mexico view with some undersea deliciousness. The bucket comes stuffed with snow crab legs, jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, baby clams, and Andouille sausage.

Harry’s Fish Tacos
Not everything at Harpoon Harry’s is heavy: The fish tacos with their mahi-mahi, mango slaw, and cilantro make a light but satisfying meal. You can choose to have the fish blackened, grilled, or fried.

Shrimp Alfredo
This sumptuous pasta dish tops a sea of fettuccine with sautéed jumbo shrimp and a Parmesan cream sauce with garnishment.

Expect to spend a bit more at Harpoon Harry’s than some other similarly casual seafood shacks around these parts, but remember you’re partly paying for the killer surfside table!

Insider Tip:
Another thing setting Harpoon Harry’s apart from the average PCB beachfront restaurant? They’ve got 40-odd beach chairs set up out on the sand free for customer use.