Dick’s Last Resort

Dick's Last Resort: Serving Up Huge Doses of Sarcasm in Panama City Beach
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Known for its sarcastic servers and bar grub, Dick's Last Resort brings a decidedly unique flair to the PCB dining experience. Arrive with a healthy appetite for greasy grub and delightfully rude behavior.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Few dining experiences in Panama City Beach are quite as memorable as meals at Dick’s Last Resort, which despite its status as a national chain, retains plenty of appeal for Emerald Coast visitors.

Dick’s Last Resort is best known for its sarcastic employees, who are explicitly instructed to ditch the polite service seen at traditional establishments and, instead, behave rudely — but in the most entertaining manner possible. 

While the hilariously rude service sets Dick’s Last Resort apart, some people visit primarily for the drinks and the grub. These visitors occasionally leave disappointed. The general consensus among both regulars and first-time PCB Dick’s Last Resort visitors is that the restaurant attempts to overcome its average-quality food with sheer sarcasm. Your mileage may vary, however — plenty of visitors love the food as much as the entertainment.

Regardless of culinary quality, the unusual service clearly remains a high point. If you’re determined to enjoy a uniquely sarcastic outing and are willing to forgo groundbreaking food, you’ll leave satisfied. That being said, if you know what to order, you can enjoy both your meal and the ambiance.

The drinks at Dick’s Last Resort can be delicious, but you’ll pay a pretty penny. The upside? The restaurant’s signature drinks are huge, so you could potentially split with a friend. Together, the drinks and the general vibes will help you let your guard down so you can enjoy a laid-back and truly memorable evening in Panama City Beach.

A few of our favorite menu items at Dick’s Last Resort include the following:

Macho Nachos
You can’t go wrong with a huge serving of nachos. Dick’s Last Resort’s take on this beloved appetizer includes chili, cheese sauce, jalapenos, and sour cream. You’re welcome to add chicken or substitute the chips with tots for a small additional charge.

Dick’s Sampla Platta
Struggling to choose just one appetizer? This sampler platter comes loaded with all your favorites, including fried pickle chips, buffalo wings, chicken tenders, and cheese sticks. Designed to accommodate between four and six people, it’s a great option to share before your meal. If you don’t have much of an appetite, eat this in lieu of a typical entree.

Cheesy Bacon Mac Burger
If you’re in the mood for a juicy burger, you’ll appreciate this recipe, which combines a variety of mouthwatering ingredients to great effect. Like all burgers served at Dick’s Last Resort, this particular option is cooked medium-well. It’s topped with mac and cheese, tortilla strips, bacon crumbles, and cheese sauce. Enjoy with a sizable serving of fries — or substitute with tots or chili cheese fries for an additional fee.

Island Salmon 
Keep it healthy with a satisfying dish that includes a grilled six-ounce salmon fillet. Topped with delicious pineapple salsa, your salmon is served alongside rice and roasted asparagus. 

Baja Fish Tacos
Also ideal for seafood lovers, these tacos come loaded with fried cod and pineapple salsa. The soft flour tortillas are dressed with unique lime mayo. Enjoy your tacos with yellow rice and black beans on the side. 

Whether you’re craving seafood, burgers, or classic appetizers, you should find something to strike your fancy at Dick’s Last Resort. Don’t hesitate to dish out a little sarcasm as you order — you’ll certainly receive plenty in return.

Insider Tips:
– Think twice if you intend to bring kids. Not all servers hold back around children — and not all youngsters recognize or appreciate the sarcasm. On the flip side, this atmosphere is ideal for a certain subset of teenagers, who just might be surprised that the servers are even funnier and more sarcastic than their adolescent cohorts.
– Silly hats are an essential element of the Dick’s Last Resort experience. If the waiter doesn’t mention them, put in a request before your meal arrives. Again, however, keep in mind that these hats aren’t always as PG-rated as parents prefer.