Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill

Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill: Delightful Views And Even an Even Better Ambiance
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill serves mouthwatering appetizers and entrees alongside gorgeous views of the beach. Stop in for a cocktail and a delightfully greasy meal — and stay for the ambiance.

- The Local Expert Team

Barefoot restaurants are a big deal in Panama City Beach. This trio of local eateries can quickly satisfy your cravings with wings, burgers, or seafood, all of which are best enjoyed while taking in the stunning scenery. The Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill location lives up to the small chain’s strong reputation, providing a reliably enjoyable experience on the beach.

If you stop in before 10:30 am, you can make the most of the restaurant’s extensive breakfast menu. A variety of classic morning dishes are available, including French toast, waffles, and omelets. Don’t forget to order one of Barefoot’s beloved morning libations. The mimosas, in particular, can elevate your breakfast experience. Coffee is also a great option, however, especially if you need a dose of caffeine to prepare for a busy day in Panama City Beach.

Later in the day, Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill comes alive with visitors from all walks of life. While tourists adore the chain, locals can also regularly be found at the Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill location. Both are enticed by the restaurant’s burger and seafood-heavy menu. The drinks are just as delicious. Order a signature cocktail in a souvenir cup, and you just might score a discount on your second drink. The frozen drinks are extra refreshing on hot days, as are the available buckets of cold beer.

No matter what you order, you’ll fall in love with this restaurant’s laid-back atmosphere — fully in keeping with the PCB setting. These chill vibes are most evident on the patio, where the ambiance is just as amazing as the view. Service tends to be quick, although this can vary based on the season and the time of day. Stop in during the summer, and you’ll likely encounter a live performance from a local band. 

A few of our favorite menu items at Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill include the following:

Breakfast Burrito
Start your day off on the right foot with a mouthwatering burrito packed with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, peppers, onions, and country potatoes. Your burrito is topped with salsa — and pico de gallo is included on the side. 

Available on a seasonal basis, these oysters are served on the half shell. Feel free to eat them raw, or, if you prefer, order the three-cheese baked version. Depending on your appetite and your intention to split with friends, you can order either a full or half-dozen. 

Barefoot Burger
One of the beach’s most beloved burgers, this juicy sandwich comes loaded with your favorite toppings, including lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. If you’re feeling ambitious, level up to the Barefoot Bigmouth, which includes the same toppings but adds an extra patty. A sizable serving of signature fries is included alongside both burgers — and all other sandwiches served at Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill.

Bacon Cheddar Melt
Each Barefoot location offers exclusive menu items that aren’t available elsewhere. In Panama City Beach, you can enjoy an amazing sandwich served on Texas toast. It comes with a fresh beef patty, bacon, aged cheddar, and a house sauce. 

Seafood Platter
If you intend to conquer this huge platter, you’d best arrive with an impressive appetite. You’ll eat your fair share of grouper, shrimp, stuffed crab, and gator bites. These selections can be fried, grilled, or blackened according to your personal preferences.

From breakfast to burgers to seafood, the many options offered at Barefoot Hide-A-Way Grill are sure to satisfy your most urgent cravings. 

Insider Tips:
– Shirts and shoes are not required, so feel free to head straight over after a long day at the beach.
– If you expect current weather and beach conditions to play a role in your restaurant selection, be sure to check out the live beach cam on the restaurant’s official website. The beautiful view in this video will have you excited to check out the scenery in person — but it might also convince you to postpone your visit if the weather isn’t cooperating.