Vicky Reddish

Local Experience Manager

About the Author

Vicky Reddish has been a part of the FloridaPanhandle.com team since 2019. Vicky has spent the last few years exploring the area, learning about its history, culture, and attractions, and sharing her insights with visitors worldwide.

Vicky enjoyed photographing the panhandle’s local attractions, restaurants, beaches, and historical sites. Her love for the region grew in her travels, and she fell in love with this special part of Florida.

As a content creator for FloridaPanhandle.com, Vicky has become an integral part of the team, helping to craft engaging and informative articles, guides, and reviews. Whether highlighting the best seafood restaurants in Destin or sharing insider tips for navigating the beaches of Pensacola, Vicky’s writing is always informative, engaging, and insightful.

Beyond her work with FloridaPanhandle.com, Vicky is also an artist and photographer who has taken many photos on our website.

Whether through her writing, social media presence, or personal interactions with visitors, Vicky Reddish is a passionate advocate for the Florida Panhandle. Her love for the area is contagious, and she is dedicated to sharing its beauty and magic with others for years to come.