Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade

Amp Up the Excitement at Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade provides a consistently exhilarating experience, complete with a two-story Temple of Doom arena and a well-stocked arcade that dishes out excellent prizes. Stop in for the ultimate rainy day adventure.

- The Local Expert Team

Any day can go from boring to exciting in a hurry when you hit up Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade. This appropriately-named Emerald Coast attraction provides the perfect respite on a rainy day — or when you’re desperate to avoid sunburn. It’s more than a mere escape from undesirable weather, however, with its trademark thrills instantly evident based on the happy shouts of the many children who gather here. 

As you enter this kid-friendly location, you’ll be impressed by your immaculate surroundings. This is doubly true if you’re accustomed to spending time in high-energy settings crammed with children; such locations tend to get messy quickly, despite the best efforts of hardworking staff members. This is certainly not the case at Thrills, which is consistently clean. Even those who are less than impressed by the arcade’s games are pleased by the pristine setting.

Before you and your companions let loose, you’ll need to make a key decision: whether to enjoy laser tag or the arcade games first. The arcade, although fun, definitely plays second fiddle to laser tag. That being said, both options are highly appreciated — and together, both can offer hours of enjoyment.

The Thrills arcade serves as the perfect distraction as you await your laser tag experience. A variety of games can be found here, including such favorites as NBA Hoops and Minion Whackers.The games are diligently maintained to ensure a seamless experience.

The cost of playing may seem steep compared to competing arcades, but many visitors argue that the higher prices ultimately pan out in better prizes. Hence, if you’re an arcade game whiz, you could score your fair share of impressive swag during a brief visit. Either way, you’ll appreciate the ease of use; simply load your card with game points. Along the way, you’ll collect prize points, which can be traded for a variety of options sure to please visitors of all ages.

There’s plenty to love about the arcade, but you’ll do yourself a disservice if you skip the laser tag arena. Known as the Temple of Doom, this two-story location boasts a vast array of interactive features and unique challenges. Cobra pillars and a variety of other unique structures provide awe-inspiring visuals, while a variety of game formats allow you and your companions to play as you see fit. Staff members are on hand to explain the rules, but they’re reluctant to give away too much — and with good reason: much of the arena’s appeal lies in its constant surprises. 

Whether you spend the majority of your time in the laser tag arena or at the arcade, you will appreciate the fun-loving atmosphere at Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade. Stop by for a day of fun with the kids or to enjoy the ultimate nostalgic date night with your sweetheart. Either way, you and your loved ones will have a blast at this hidden gem. 

Insider Tips:
– Keep track of your card balance with help from the convenient system on the Thrills website, which allows you to enter your card number and PIN. This option is especially appreciated among repeat visitors, who can track their balance from afar. Feel free to also book parties or buy laser tag tickets online.
– Take the time to register your arcade card. If it is ever lost or stolen, you’ll take solace in knowing that it can easily be reissued.
– If you’re not familiar with laser tag, don’t hesitate to ask the staff members for thorough directions. The default approach is to provide only the bare essentials for instructions, leaving newer players struggling to get familiar with the course before the session ends.