SkyHigh JetPacks and Flyboards

Sky High Jetpacks – Take a Thrilling Flight Over a Private Lake in North Fort Myers, Florida
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4 / 5
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Have you always wanted to fly through the air like a superhero? If so, you need Sky High Jetpacks on your side. With their instruction, you’ll be soaring high above the North Fort Myers, Florida, lakeside using their jetpacks. Want even more thrills? They have jetboards, too.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’ve always dreamed of soaring through the air like a superhero, you definitely need to set your sights on the adventures offered by Sky High Jetpacks. Their innovative jetpacks allow you to launch yourself high above their private lake in North Fort Myers, Florida, and even do a few tricks while in the air. For even more fun and excitement, they have jetboards, too, which let you surf the sky in style.

As you can likely imagine, they stay plenty busy year-round, helping thrill-seekers live out their dreams of flying high. So, if you want a chance to enjoy the same, you’ll need to schedule your visit well in advance. Thankfully, they make that easy with just a quick call to their team. You just have to select your preferred date, time, and adventure, and then give them your payment right away.

Their single-person jetpack experience lasts about 30 minutes, while the flyboard bookings come in 20-minute time slots. You can also sign up for longer time slots if you want to soar through the air for up to an hour at a time. Many people share these 30 minutes to one-hour bookings with up to two friends, however. It’s actually quite tiring getting up in the air and controlling your flight, so don’t be surprised if 20 to 30 minutes is plenty enough for one day.

After making your booking, plan to confirm your visit 24 hours in advance, so they know you’re serious about getting up into the air. Many people chicken out, after all, especially upon seeing how high up you can go using their jetpacks and jetboards. But if you tough it out and bravely show up on the selected date, their instructors will make sure you have the time of your life.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, the master instructor has what it takes to teach everyone how to fly with confidence. They keep an eye on safety always and then focus on ensuring you have a wonderful time. They’ll teach you how to take off, control your flight, and then land with ease. Once you master all that, you can even learn how to do a few tricks in the air before coming back down.

Worried about wiping out instead of landing gracefully? Since you’re over the water, you’ll just splash into the drink, and then have a chance to go right back into the air in an instant. If anything goes awry on the way down, the instructor will jump into action to help you out. In the meantime, the lifejacket will keep you safely afloat while you wait for assistance. Since you’re on a private lake, there are no sharks, wayward watercraft, or other hazards to watch for while in the water.

If possible, bring a friend along for the ride, so you can take turns capturing photos of your flights. You won’t believe how cool you look riding the jet board across the horizon or soaring through the air strapped to a jetpack. Be sure to strike a few fun poses while remembering your instructor’s tips on how to fly with purpose. They have chairs set up in the shade for all spectators, making it easy to rest up after flying high in the sky.

Insider Tips:
-Check their blog regularly for special deals, especially around the holidays.
-Avoid huge movements while flying the jet boards and jetpacks. All it takes is subtle movements to maneuver through the air.
-Want to take a big group on this adventure? Call the team to see what they can arrange for your party.