Ross Marler Park

Ross Marler Park - Outdoor Fun for All
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Ross Marler Park offers easy public access to a variety of favorite Okaloosa Island activities. Whether you’re into swimming, boating, fishing or just cooking up dinner under the open sky, this is a park that everyone enjoys coming to.

- The Local Expert Team

Ross Marler Park offers easy and public access to the shoreline and water of Okaloosa Island. No matter how you prefer to enjoy the island’s beautiful outdoors, you’ll almost certainly have a good time here.

The park is situated directly on the shoreline, offering ample access to the water. Whether you want to swim, boat or just dip your toes in, there’s a designated place for you to enter the ocean here. A roped-off swimming area provides protection from recreational boaters, and two boat ramps ensure anyone can launch a boat without waiting too long even during the busiest times of the year.

In addition to the water access, the park has on-land activities for all. Younger children will like exploring the modern, rubberized playground, and there are picnic tables, grills, and pavilions that are perfect for hanging out at.

Watch for fish, crabs, and birds while you’re here, for you never know who from the water or air might pay a visit to the park’s shore.

Importantly, all of this is within an easy walk form a large (100-space) parking lot and restrooms are on-site. There are two restroom facilities to ensure even families with potty-training toddlers can make it to the appropriate place in time.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon by yourself or have a whole group to bring along, Ross Marler Park is ideally situated for ease and fun. Make a visit, and you’ll find there’s plenty of things to do.

A few of our favorite highlights at Ross Marler Park include:

Fishing on the Pier
Walk out on the pier and watch to see whether anything’s in the water. Cast a line over if you’re an angler, and you might just catch something to put on the grill.

Launching a Boat
The two boat ramps are well-constructed for quick launches. Bring your own boat or rent one, and get out on the water that surrounds this island.

Watching the Wildlife
While there’s no guarantee that you’ll see wildlife while here, crustacean, fish and bird sightings are all common. Bring a guidebook with you, and try to identify any creatures you spot.

Swimming in the Ocean
Perhaps the most innocent way to enjoy the water is by simply swimming or wading in it. Head over to the marked-off area, and remember how much fun going for a dip was when you were a child.

Exploring the Playground
For little ones, the Marler Mini-Explorer Tot Lot is especially enticing. The playground is specially designed for toddlers, and it’s full of potential adventure. There’s also a playground for older kids.

Insider Tip:
– While there is a designated swimming and wading area, no lifeguards are on duty. Make sure an adult is always supervising any children who go near or in the water.