Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream

Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream - Old-Fashioned Fun and Treats
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream offers up old-fashioned fun and sweet treats. Come to play a round or two of miniature golf, and stay to have an ice cream cone. In an age of constant digital activity, sometimes an old-time activity is the best way to spend your family’s time.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream provides families with old-fashioned fun and treats. From the miniature golf to the ice cream parlor, this is one place where the whole group can have fun together.

The miniature golf here is played on two 18-hole courses that feature fun challenges but are simple enough for even young children to enjoy. Play one set of 18 or go for the whole 36, and see who in your group has a pro’s touch.

For ice cream, the parlor serves up a rotating selection of 24 flavors that are made in Florida. All of the flavors are served in a cone or a dish — don’t expect a milkshake or sundae — but they all taste good on their own. Options like Purple Daze and Banana Strawberry come with rich-tasting (and colorful) ice cream and a hefty dose of mix-ins.

Prices here are family-friendly, with miniature golf priced at $7 per round. Ice cream is price by the scoop, starting at $4 for a single scoop and going up to $7 for a stack of three. There’s also a selection of sodas if you’re parched.

Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream has the perfect recipe for family fun. Parents and kids have been playing put-put and eating ice cream together for decades, and these still remain well-loved activities. If you’re in the area and looking for an activity that everyone will enjoy, you won’t be disappointed by coming here.

A few of our favorite highlights at Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream include:

Easier Mini Golf Course
The two courses offer varying levels of difficulty, and the easier one is perfect for young children. Even if your kids have never gone put-putting before, they’ll have the hang of the game by hole 18.

Harder Mini Golf Course
If you’re up for a challenge, go for the harder of the two courses. With some holes that are true challenges, you’ll need skill if you want to hit par.

One Scoop of Ice Cream
The ice cream comes in 24 rotating flavors, so it’s impossible to recommend any specific one. They’re all worth trying, though, and you should get a scoop even if you weren’t planning on having any. It’s regionally made and that good.

Three Scoops of Ice Cream
Once you try the ice cream, you may decide you want a three-scooper. While not for the faint of stomach, it can be difficult to have just a little cone. 

Having trouble keeping up with the kids? There’s no coffee on-site, but you can find a caffeinated soda. Just don’t give them any, or you’ll have to chase them well into the night too.

Insider Tips:
– There’s no age-specific discount for kids on the mini-golf course, but young children can get on the course for free if you ask for a plastic club. Intended only so toddlers can feel like they’re playing, these plastic clubs aren’t suitable for real play. Sometimes, though, they’re just as good as the real thing to a child who’s just learning.
– Florida days often get hot, especially in the summer, and there’s little shade on the miniature golf courses here. If the weather forecast is for sun and high temperatures, try to come early in the day or later in the evening to avoid the worst of the weather.