Noah & Heather Wells Present MAXIMUM MAGIC

Noah & Heather Wells Present Maximum Magic: Exciting Illusions at Destin's HarborWalk Theater
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Magic enthusiasts and skeptics alike will find plenty to love about Noah & Heather Wells Present Maximum Magic, which packs a variety of jaw-dropping illusions into 75 minutes. Held at the HarborWalk Theater in Destin, this show has a uniquely intimate feel that will prove impossible to forget.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’re on the hunt for true entertainment but could stand to take a break from the ‘usual’ in Destin, look no further than the local spectacle known as Noah & Heather Wells Present Maximum Magic. This show highlights the inherent talent of Noah and Heather Wells, who earned the Merlin Award as Illusionists of the Year and were later also named the Entertainers of the Year by the International Magicians Society. Clearly, they know how to get audiences excited.

Noah and Heather’s many awards may pique your interest, but ultimately, it’s all about the spectacle of magic. Held at Destin’s beloved HarborWalk Theater, their show delivers 75 minutes of action-filled illusions that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Because the venue is so small, the show has a very intimate feel that is rarely found with larger and better-known magic shows throughout the nation. This approach makes every illusion that much more impactful. Audience participation is strongly encouraged, and, with such a small crowd, there is a strong chance that you’ll have the opportunity to go up on stage if you’re willing. This emphasis on participation is especially appreciated by young audience members, who love getting involved and are sure to remain engaged through every minute of the show.

A brief break is provided halfway through the show to allow audience members to stretch or use the restroom. This is a relief for many attendees, as shows of this length do not always provide intermission. 

Following the break, Noah and Heather dive right back in with awe-inspiring illusions. Even if you’re not big on magic, you’ll manage to keep entertained with the comedic aspects of the show. While the jokes are all family-friendly, they’re more than capable of prompting chuckles among adult audience members. Between the jokes and the illusions, you will find a lot to love about this unique Destin show.

The HarborWalk Theater offers a VIP package for this show, which allows you and your companions to score front-row seats, and, better yet, a meet-and-greet experience with the stars. That’s right — if you opt for the VIP experience, you’ll get to meet Noah and Heather Wells, take a photo, and see a private magic trick or two. You’ll also receive a magic kit and a commemorative lanyard marking your status as a VIP guest. This package serves purely as an upgrade and should therefore only be purchased after you’ve already secured your tickets for the show. Be sure to arrive at least half an hour early to ensure you have enough time to meet Noah and Heather.

Insider Tips:
– The HarborWalk location can make the venue more difficult than expected to access. As you plan your visit, build in plenty of time for parking and walking. Many guests prefer to arrive early to make the most of HarborWalk Village’s bars and restaurants prior to the show. 
– If you don’t opt for the VIP package, you’ll still have the opportunity to purchase a magic kit after the show. If you stop by with kids, you can expect a lot of begging and pleading until you eventually give in and get the kit, which will provide hours of additional entertainment.