Destin’s Original Sea Blaster Dolphin Tours

Sea Blasters Dolphin Cruise - On-Water Adventures for All Ages
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Sea Blasters Dolphin Cruise offers dolphin and other cruises for people of all ages. The boat is both sizeable and easily accessible, making these adventures perfect for families and large groups.

- The Local Expert Team

Sea Blasters Dolphin Cruise offers a range of dolphin and other water tours that are appropriate for people of all ages. From young babies to elderly grandparents, almost everyone is able to explore Destin’s waters aboard the outfit’s two boats.

The two boats in question are among the largest speed boats used on the Gulf of Mexico, with one accommodating up to 132 passengers and the other holding up to 119. Both boats have been custom-built to Sea Blasters’ specifications, making them perfect for these tours. They’re fast, stable and afford everyone onboard a great view of the surrounding water. Importantly, there are two heads (one men’s and one women’s) on board.

The boats have also been designed to be easily accessible for people of all heights and sizes. Boarding at the dock is easy, and getting in and out of the water when snorkeling has also been made simple. There’s a flat platform in the stern that has steps — rather than a ladder — to increase accessibility. When riding, it’s easy to navigate the aisleways should you need the head or kids want to drive the boat (which there’s an opportunity to do).

The highlight of Sea Blasters’ cruises is, as the full company’s name highlights, dolphins. Dolphin watching is incorporated into all tours, regardless of whether the group is going snorkeling, to the beach or to watch the sunset. Since the boat has been specifically designed for this purpose and offers plenty of views, everyone is able to see the porpoises once they’re spotted.

Importantly, Captain Larry has extensive experience giving dolphin tours. He’s been in this business since 1995, so he knows where dolphins like to be. Based on the current time of day, conditions and other factors, Captain Larry can almost always figure out where the creatures are.

With seating for more than 100 people and great accessibility, Sea Blasters Dolphin Cruise is well-suited for large groups, families and anyone who has accessibility concerns. Book your group, and every member of the party should have a great time.

A few of our tour highlights include:

Dolphin/Beach Cruise
Watch the dolphins on your way to and from some of Destin’s most pristine beaches. Whether you prefer to sunbathe, dig sand castles or swim, the day will be full of fun.

Snorkel/Dolphin Cruise
If your party is slightly more adventurous, sign up for the Snorkel/Dolphin Tour. You’ll have plenty of time to watch creatures above and below the water’s surface.

Sunset/Dolphin Cruise
What’s more picturesque than watching dolphins play and frolic in the water? Watching them as the sun sets over the Gulf waters. Enjoy the red, orange and purple hues.

Insider Tips:
-Don’t fret about swimming or snorkeling even if you have a large family with multiple kids to watch. There are lifeguards on board to help make sure everyone is safe in the water.
_Beer, wine, water and sodas are offered during tours, but no food is included. You’re welcome to bring your own meal, snacks or beverages. Just make sure nothing is in a glass container — there are no exceptions for this due to safety concerns.