Destin Dog Park

Destin Dog Park – A Great Place to Go Woof Around
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Destin Dog Park serves as the preferred place for the local doggies to run and play. As your dogs run, play and woof around, you can get great pictures, make new friends and even just quietly relax in the shade. With time, you may start to love spending your free time here almost as much as your dog does.

- The Local Expert Team

At Destin Dog Park, it really shows that the city takes pride in providing dogs and their owners with a safe place to play. They put a lot of work into designing the park with dedicated places for dogs, big and small, to run and play together. Throughout this park, you will find bowls for fresh water, balls and other toys, doggie bags on the house and secure fencing all around. They even included a cleanup station as well to give you a place to wash the sand and grass off your dog before heading home.

The city also continues to put in the work to keep the park clean and well-maintained year-round. Owners contribute too, for the most part, by picking up after their dogs and throwing away their own garbage in the provided bins. To help pick up the slack for any dog owners who do not follow the posted rules, the city sends a maintenance crew through to pick up waste and maintain the lot on Tuesday mornings.

When you bring your dog to this fun park, you can usually set them free with confidence everyone will have a great time. Unlike other dog parks, unfriendly incidents between dogs and people alike are rare, though there is still the potential for them to occur. You will find signs all around the park instructing you on what to do and who to call if such an incident arises.

Despite the warnings all around, the atmosphere at this dog park in Destin remains quite relaxed and low-key. Owners tend to spend their time throwing toys for their dogs, socializing with the other dog owners and relaxing under the shade of the large trees all around. If you prefer to avoid the sand under many of the trees, you can seek out a place to relax on one of the many benches throughout the park.

A few things you will love about this dog park:

Secure Fencing
Secure fencing is a must at dog parks and this location has just what you need to keep your dog safe. They have well separated areas for small and large dogs alike with secure fencing between each one. They also have securely-latching gates at all entry and exit points to keep the dogs safe inside.

Cleanup Station
With sand all around the park, many dogs end up getting pretty dirty during their adventures here. To help owners keep their car sand free, the city placed a cleanup station they can use to rinse off their dogs. Though just a simple faucet, this station is more than adequate for rinsing away sand and grass after a day of play.

Water Bowls
While playing hard, your dog needs to stay hydrated and this park makes that easy to accomplish by water bowls all around the park. You can work with the other dog owners to keep the bowls filled as the dogs stop in for a quick drink of water here and there.

Doggie Bags
The city provides complimentary doggie bags to help you clean up after your pooch at every visit. The quality bags allow you to pick up waste without a problem, though you can use the cleanup station to wash afterward as well.

Although most visitors come by during the day, bright lights allow for evening visits as well. The evening visits can run until 10pm each night when they close the park to the public. You are sure to have a great time whenever you can bring your dog down to play at the Destin Dog Park. Each visit will open the doors for you both to make awesome friends and have a wonderful time together.

Insider Tips:
-Tuesday maintenance usually runs until 10am. Until they are done cleaning up, the park remains closed.
-As you approach and leave the park, keep your dog leashed at all times to abide by local leash laws.
-Never bring food into the park as it can make a mess and even cause fights between the dogs.