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Captain Jambo's Parasailing & Sailing Tours - Harbor Adventures You'll Never Forget
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4 / 5
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Captain Jambo's Parasailing & Sailing Tours offers a number of adventures for you and your family, including engagement cruises and dolphin tours. Viewing the waters from the beach can be a worthwhile experience, but getting out there will help you appreciate them from a different perspective.

- The Local Expert Team

Captain Jambo’s Parasailing & Sailing Tours offers its guests adventures they’ll never forget. If you’re in the Destin harbor, now is the time to take a chance and embark on a journey into the air or across the sea. Family-owned and operated, they offer snorkeling, dolphin tours, and even marriage proposal cruises that can be customized to your tastes.

So whether you’d like to relax while you discover the waters or soak up some adrenaline on a parasail, Captain Jambo’s can help you see the coast in a whole new light. The friendly captain’s name is Jason and he’s lived in Destin his whole life. With decades of experience on the water, he can give you the full backstory behind this vacation destination. 

500 Feet Above 
With the parasailing tours, you’ll climb 500 feet in the air and soar with the pelicans. Look for sea turtles and sharks from a whole new setting, and relax to the sound of the wind in your ears and the sights of the water below. This experience is open to everyone. Captain Jambo’s motto is “If you can sit, you can fly”. 

The Stiletto Catamaran 
This sailboat has space for six, so it’s a good choice if you need a vessel that gives your family and friends plenty of room to move around. The catamaran is equipped with everything you need to enjoy a full day, including a bathroom and ice cooler.

Hook up your phone to the wifi stereo to get the music going, and use the complimentary snorkeling gear to get a birds-eye view beneath the surface. While there may be some movement on the water, the two hulls are designed to limit the amount of rocking to reduce motion sickness.

Dolphin Cruises 
Their dolphin cruises have been rated the best in Destin, largely because of the small group experience and up-close and personal views. You can book the catamaran by the hour, and people of all ages are welcome onboard, including infants. These trips generally last from 2 to 6 hours, and they’re designed 

Camera Packages
If you want to take home the best in video souvenirs, why not have your parasailing adventure photographed in high-definition? Or video yourself with a GoPro selfie-stick camera, so you capture every detail of the experience. 

Get Engaged 
Captain Jambo’s Parasailing & Sailing Tours knows just how romantic the coast can be, and they’ve given you a great way to exploit the moment. With their marriage proposal cruise, you start with a walk along the beach before coincidentally happening upon a white sailboat. All you need is to pour the champagne to celebrate. However Captain Jambo’s can help you coordinate the surprise, the staff is ready to help. 

There are so many ways to get out on the water and enjoy your time in Florida, but Captain Jambo’s Parasailing & Sailing Tours really goes the extra mile for their guests. With an intuitive booking process and welcoming staff, you’re pretty much guaranteed to leave with some truly spectacular memories.

Insider Tips:
– No need to worry about parking as there is plenty of it. 
– The hut for Captain Jambo’s is next to June White Decker Beach Access (between Silver Shells Resort and The Back Porch).
– If you’re planning to get engaged in Destin, book a marriage proposal cruise. 
– Rent a GoPro or have the staff take photographs of you while parasailing with their camera package.