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Boat Charter Destin - Private Boat Charters for Fishing and Fun
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Boat Charter Destin specializes in private boat charters for fishing or general cruising. The boats accommodate up to a half-dozen people plus a captain (not included), and they can be taken throughout the inland waterways, outer deep-sea areas and islands around Destin. Find a captain, and take your family or small group out on the water in one of the company’s vessels.

- The Local Expert Team

Boat Charter Destin provides boat rentals for private charters on the waters surrounding Destin. With a setup that’s different from how most fishing charters and boat tour companies operate, the company offers an affordable way for small groups to get out on the water without anyone else in their party.

Boat Charter Destin’s vessels are around 25 to 27 feet, which is perfect for taking small groups around the area’s waterways. The boats are small enough to zip up and down the inland waterways, but they can also handle the more open outer ocean on most days. There are two fishing boats and one all-purpose craft that’s used for general cruising. The fishing models have on-board heads for when nature calls.

These boats can be taken most anywhere your captain deems is safe to go, and you can tailor any outing to your group’s particular preferences. Some popular trips are in-shore fishing, off-shore fishing and heading to Crab Island. 

Whereas most charters and tours charge a per-person fee, Boat Charter Destin prices out their boats on a per-hour rental basis. Rates generally run about $100 per hour for the non-fishing craft and about $150 per hour for the two fishing vessels, although those rates do change with the seasons. When going fishing, these rates include tackle, live paid, fishing licenses, ice and fish cleaning.

Importantly, these rates don’t include a captain. Customers either need to have a captain’s license or hire a local captain who has a commercial (‘six-pack”) license.

For fishing, island exploring or simple fun, Boat Charter Destin makes it possible to take your family or small group out on the water. Since all charters are private, you can spend time together doing whatever is of most interest to you and your group members.

A few of our favorite charters at Boat Charter Destin include:

In-Shore Fishing Charter
Stay inside the more sheltered waters and still have great fun sport fishing on an In-Shore Fishing Charter. You won’t need to spend as much time getting to the fishing area, which will help keep the rental cost lower, and you don’t have to worry about waves as much. Most importantly, there are still lots of great fish to catch on these calmer waters.

Off-Shore Fishing Charter
To catch the biggest fish, spend a day going out toward the open water. An Off-Shore Fishing Charter will give you a chance to reel in mahi-mahi, gag grouper or any number of other fish. Of course, anything you catch that’s legal to keep can be cleaned for dinner.

Sunset Cruise Charter
If fishing isn’t your group’s forte, book the non-fishing craft for a sunset cruise. A local captain can take you out to the most picturesque spots, and you can see Destin light up later in the evening as you head back to the dock.

Crab Island Charter
Head out to Crab Island for a truly festive time. Floating restaurants, water slides, live music and paddleboard rentals make this a festive haven, and a private boat ride is the best way to get to and from the island.

Insider Tip:
– Although the rates don’t include a captain, don’t fret about finding one yourself. Simply ask the office, and they’ll be able to recommend a well-known local captain for your outing.