Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park

Big Kahuna's Water & Adventure Park: Heart-Racing Fun in Destin
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Big Kahuna's Water & Adventure Park delivers tropical thrills in the heart of Destin. Family-friendly fun awaits at this beloved water park, which boasts several heart-racing slides, river rides, and other attractions.

- The Local Expert Team

Note: Be sure to check the official park calendar for all hours and seasonal closures.

If you crave adventure, look no further than Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park. This Destin hot spot offers excitement in many forms. Thrill-seekers invariably opt for the park’s massive water slides, some of which plummet from a height of several stories! Smaller slides are available for young visitors, who are also welcome to splash in the park’s numerous fountains or goof off at Pleasure Island.

In addition to water-based thrills, Big Kahuna offers plenty of opportunities for excitement on land or in the air. The onsite adventure park includes multiple attractions that will get your heart racing while also granting you a spectacular view. 

The park’s layout makes it possible to easily get from one attraction to the next. Just a few short steps, and you’ll be at the entrance to your favorite slide. What you miss in walking between attractions, however, you’ll make up for in climbing stairs — especially for the most popular slides. While some visitors grumble about the stairs, others feel that it’s a small price to pay for the ensuing thrills.

As with any park, wait time is highly variable based on weather conditions and when you visit. When in doubt, arrive early to ensure the shortest wait possible for the most exciting slides. Set aside plenty of time to explore the many different attractions Big Kahuna’s offers — or to simply take in the park’s fun-loving atmosphere.

A few of our favorite attractions include the following: 

Kowabunga Racer
Grab a friend and hit the track for a race like no other. Featuring a course the full length of a football field, this slide-based race plunges down five stories. You’ll begin your adventure alongside your fellow racers before taking several twists and turns. Your journey ends with an exhilarating drop and a splash landing. 

If you’re feeling brave, try this in-demand slide, which will grant you the closest you’ll find to a free-fall experience at Big Kahuna’s. You’ll be plunged into complete darkness during this quickly-escalating journey. This adventure will take your breath away — but the moment you finish, you’ll be eager for round two.

Humunga River
This isn’t your average lazy river. Big Kahuna’s Humunga River carries you around Crocodile Flats as you lounge in a tube. It’s not all relaxation, however; be prepared for waves and currents. This is your dream ride if you enjoy mild thrills but aren’t quite ready to take on the park’s most daring water slides.

Tropical Mini Golf
If your idea of fun includes two feet firmly on dry land, you’ll enjoy Big Kahuna’s take on mini golf. Waterfalls, wooden bridges, and mysterious caves set the park’s carefully decorated and landscaped courses apart. Take your time and enjoy the scenery; Big Kahuna’s 54 holes grant you plenty of opportunities to show off your mini golf skills.

Whether your idea of the perfect water park experience includes adrenaline-filled slide adventures or relaxing on the lazy river, you’ll easily find your version of a good time at Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park. 

Insider Tips:
-Outside food and beverages are prohibited at Big Kahuna’s. If you’re hungry, you can grab a snack or meal at the Bombs Away Bay Cafe or the Gulfview Food Court. You can also head offsite, as the park offers free re-entry during the day of your ticket’s redemption. Multiple fast food restaurants are located within walking distance.
-While tubes are included in the cost of admission, the park’s lockers can only be accessed with a fee, which some visitors complain is far too steep.
-During peak hours, it can be surprisingly difficult to find places to relax outside of the lazy river. Consider renting a cabana, where you and your group can gather for a party or even enjoy a catered meal.