Sweetea — Real Boba Tea with A Creative Twist
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Sweettea is genuine boba tea in the heart of Destin made with real fruit and no powder. The small shop serves up a number of interesting takes on boba, such as cheese tea and tiramisu puff cream tea, plus acai bowls that will blow you away. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

If you love creative takes on old classics, then Sweetea is the place to be. Here, you can sample unusual flavors, such as their infamous cheese tea. This concoction includes cream cheese and milk whipped into a delicious foam. Top the layer off with a little salt, and you’ve got a sweet drink with just enough savory goodness to make it interesting. Regulars enjoy coming here to sample different flavors and tourists love grabbing a cold boba tea on a sweltering day. It may be a slight drive from the beach, but the trip is definitely worth it. 

The atmosphere here is cute and casual and the staff is friendly and helpful. They’re happy to accommodate your preferences because each drink is made from scratch. If you’re looking for something a little different from the standard ice cream cone after a day in the waves, this can really hit the spot. The fruit teas come packed with fresh strawberries, apples, limes, watermelons — whatever you fancy. And if you’re looking for brunch or lunch, Sweetea also offers acai bowls that are hearty, healthy, and delicious. 

Sweetea makes it clear that quality ingredients are their top priority. Some boba tea places will use powder to supplement the drinks, but you won’t find any shortcuts in Sweetea’s recipes. The tapioca balls are perfectly cooked, making them a joy to dig out the last one from the bottom of the cup. 

We recommend the following menu items for your first visit:

Tiramisu Puff Cream
If you’re looking for a little taste of the Italian dessert (without having to order a whole slice), you can get it on top of your favorite milk tea. This creamy top portion is so thick that it’s best had with a spoon. Once you’ve polished it off, you’ll find the tea at the bottom has been infused with just enough flavor to leave you craving another by the time you’re done. 

Orange Green Tea Slush
Green tea is so versatile (and delicious) that you can enjoy it at any temperature with any number of flavors. This creation adds oranges to the mix to give it just the right amount of citrus flavor. The sweetness of the drink combined with the icy slush makes it fun and satisfying to sip. 

Blueberry Bowl
This superfood is packed with antioxidants, staving off everything from the aging process to high cholesterol. At Sweetea, this bowl includes shredded coconut, bananas, avocado, chia seeds, granola, and just the right amount of honey to top it off. Made with date and almond milk, it’s a healthy way to get some energy for the long days and late nights. 

Sweetea has managed to impress a lot of people who had given up on ever finding genuine boba in this area. The clean atmosphere and sweet decor make it easy to relax after a day in the sun or take it back to the beach to enjoy. As you experiment with different flavors, there’s little doubt you’ll find a combination that will keep you coming back. 

Insider Tips:
– The official Sweetea website does not list the menu, so you may need to call before to ask about the flavors of the week.
– You can find different promotions on the website, so check to see if there’s a discount before stopping in.
– Add layers of flavor, such as tiramisu or cheese, to your favorite teas. Ask for specific recommendations from the friendly staff!
– Sweetea offers a loyalty program perfect for regular visitors of the area (or large groups ordering drinks by the dozen).