Pedro’s Cantina Grill

Pedros Cantina Grill – Tasty Food Made Using Traditional Recipes and Fresh Ingredients
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4 / 5
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At Pedros Cantina Grill in Miramar Beach, Florida, their rustic décor sets the stage for an excellent dining experience. And you can trust they will come through every time, as they are dedicated to quality service and exceptional food. They make all their dishes from fresh ingredients using traditional recipes passed down through the generations.

- The Local Expert Team

Along Emerald Coast Parkway in Miramar Beach, Florida, you will find Pedros Cantina Grill, a restaurant dedicated to fulfilling all your cravings for delicious Mexican food. They set the stage with rustic décor designed to make everyone feel at home upon stepping into the restaurant. They back that vibe with quality service from the very start.

Starting with breakfast each day, they seat all patrons at their preferred tables and provide exceptional service at all times. They bring out the menus, which are filled with appetizers, main entrees, and other tasty items. Then, they come out with the warm chips and spicy salsa, both of which are made in-house from fresh ingredients. They refill the chips and salsa as many times as you wish, checking in regularly to see if you need anything else.

Across their menu, you can choose from dozens of iconic dishes filled with delicious flavors. In addition to their savory entrees and appetizers, they have many incredible desserts that promise to complete your meal in style. Whether you order the fried ice cream, sopapillas, or flan, you really cannot lose.

Menu items you might love include:

Nachos Locos
Beginning with their crisp tortilla chips, the Nachos Locos packs powerful flavor in every bite. To build this awesome appetizer, they smother their chips in cheese, then top them with steak, chicken, and shrimp galore. But that’s not where it ends. They also add lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, sour cream, and guacamole to create a dish you will be telling your friends about for ages.

Seafood ala Veracruzana
Seafood ala Veracruzana allows you to enjoy many local seafood delicacies in a single dish. You are treated to sautéed shrimp, mussels, scallops, and fish all cooked perfectly in a veracruzana sauce. Once your dish is ready, they bring it to the table with a house salad and rice on the side.

Tamales Lupita
If you are hankering for homemade pork tamales, then the Tamales Lupita is calling your name. They painstaking build, roll and cook the tamales in-house using time-honored traditions and fresh ingredients. Each plate receives two of their tamales still wrapped in corn husks, served alongside yellow rice and refried beans. For additional flavor, they also add pico de gallo and fresh guacamole.

Rib Eye ala Ranchero
To create their Rib Eye ala Ranchero, they use premium black Angus beef and grill it to perfection. On a plate loaded with refried beans, rice, and more, they load up eight ounces of their grilled beef and top it with sautéed onions, tomatoes, and bell pepper. Their spicy ranchera sauce highlights all the flavors and goes great with the pico de gallo added over the top.

Chile Relleno
For an out of this world flavor experience, give the Chile Relleno a try. This dish centers around a poblano pepper filled to the brim with cheese, and then breaded and fried until golden brown. After placing it on a plate next to heaping servings of yellow rice, refried beans, and pico de gallo, they pour over the salsa ranchera to complete this iconic dish. Guacamole comes on the side, beautifully complementing the pepper’s robust flavors.

Their menu is so full of traditional dishes and inventive creations that you may find it hard to choose just one. No matter what you order, expect it to come in big portions, excellent for sharing or bringing home a little extra to enjoy later on. If you want to try several different things at each visit, ask for extra plates and share between members of your group.

Insider Tip:
No free refills with their specials served with a drink, so prepare to pony up if you want more soda.