Culver's - Fresh Fast Food, Custard, and Ice Cream on the Emerald Coast
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4 / 5
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All the way from Wisconsin to the shores of Florida, Culver's is fast food made fresh for you. While it may be known for its custard dishes and concretes, we invite you to try one of their sandwiches or platters alongside a savory side before you head straight to dessert. This restaurant works with family farms to deliver the best ingredients to your waiting taste buds. 

- The Local Expert Team

Culver’s may not have started in Destin, FL but that doesn’t make it a waste of a trip if you’re visiting the Emerald Coast. On the contrary, this small-town restaurant knows comfort food, and their staff is happy to give you the best in flavors.

There’s a lot of reciprocation that you’ll find when you walk into this place. The employees are grateful that you stopped by, the customers are appreciative that the food is so good. And no one has to be reminded that smiles are free. 

This chain got its beginnings in Wisconsin, which is where the down-home charm originally got its start. But just because they’re not exactly from the coast doesn’t mean they’re trying to change Destin into something it isn’t. Instead, they’ve managed to merge the best of both worlds, giving you a friendly place to stop by after you’ve gotten your fill of the sand and the water. 

From chicken sandwiches to ButterBurgers, everything is custom-made to your specifications. The fresh ice cream is really just the tip of the iceberg, making this a great place to stop for families who know the struggle of picky eaters. Culver’s is also big on using family farms to make their dishes. You can taste the difference between food that’s been heavily processed and food that’s whole and cooked at the height of freshness. 

If you find yourself puzzling over the menu, here are a few of our favorite selections:

ButterBurger Cheese 
Culver’s ButterBurgers start off with fresh beef that’s only cooked after you order it. The cheese just adds to the richness of the meat with the pickles thrown in to take a little edge off each bite. Loaded with fresh veggies, each ingredient adds to a tasty balance that will satisfy your appetite. 

Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce 
Just because you aren’t in Wisconsin, doesn’t mean you can’t swipe a few of their great ideas. This sauce is made with sharp cheddar from America’s favorite dairy state and blended with all the good stuff that makes it such a delectable topping. Whether you put in on your onion rings, burgers, or mashed potatoes, you’re making the right decision. 

Vanilla Shake 
Before we extol the virtues of Culver’s vanilla shake, you should know that you can’t go wrong with any of their custard or ice cream desserts. But if you’re looking for a slice of old-school nostalgia that has endured for a reason, this fresh concoction is the perfect pairing to your chicken sandwich or burger. Enjoy it before, while, or during your meal and delight in each unforgettable sip.

Whether you’re in the mood for shrimp or a concrete mixer stuffed with Oreo cookies, Culver’s is ready to exceed the expectations of your cravings. When you’re on vacation, you don’t have to make every meal a cheat meal, but it adds to the fun of it all when you take a break and really indulge.

Insider Tips:
– Culver’s has a drive-in if you don’t feel like getting out of the car. 
– This restaurant works with family farms all over America to support local producers. 
– The staff here takes cleanliness seriously, so you can be confident whether you’re dining in or not. 
– Culver’s would love to see you and your dog, and you might get a pup cup (custard + beef dog treat) to prove it. 
– This place is popular enough that you may have to wait for a while to get your freshly prepared order.