Bad Ass Coffee – Miramar Beach

Bad Ass Coffee Miramar Beach – Kick Back and Chill While Sipping 100% Kona Coffee
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Bad Ass Coffee Miramar Beach, the name truly says it all. To kick off their badassery, they only use 100% Kona coffee in their drinks. On top of that, they’re unapologetically cheeky yet sweet, ensuring you get welcomed through the doors like an old friend at every visit.  

- The Local Expert Team

Bad Ass Coffee Miramar Beach is the place to go when you want to kickstart your day in style. Their signature lattes, espressos, and more kick the 100% Kona coffee flavors into high gear. Plus, they’re always happy to brighten your day with friendly yet sassy banter to remember.

As a reflection of their badassery, their line almost always goes out the door. But never fear, the wait passes by rather quickly because their team knows their stuff. You can kill time chatting with your fellow coffee lovers or just admire the décor in their laid-back coffee shop.

The place is built to feel like home, so you have no trouble at all getting cozy in your seat. All their tables seat just two, but if you want to get the group together, just push the table together, no problem. Paintings, surfboards, and other fun decorations cover the walls, giving you lots to look at while you sip. They have swag all along the wall, too, giving you the opportunity to show your love wherever you go.

While you wait, don’t forget to peep the chalkboard signage to learn about their daily specials. Miss that and you’ll need to select from their signature lattes, espresso drinks, and blended frozen sippers if you want Kona coffee. They also have many non-coffee drinks for your consideration, including smoothies and Italian sodas. Feeling a bit peckish? Set your sights on their pastries, egg muffins, and other snacks.

Once you make it to the front of the line, get ready for a warm welcome and a chance to put in your order. The team works lightning fast yet never fails to have a friendly word for their clients. You can expect to become fast friends with their team, especially if you come back time and again for another taste of their drinks.

The top options at Bad Ass Coffee include:

Carmel Kreme De Kona
A signature latte creation, the Carmel Kreme De Kona brings all your favorite flavors into the spotlight. Kona coffee kicks off the journey, of course, followed by dark and white chocolate. Rich caramel comes in at the end to finish it off right, leaving you coming back for another sip. Get yours hot, iced, or blended to enjoy the combo on your terms.

Premium Loose Leaf Tea
If you’re not a coffee fan, just turn your attention to their Premium Loose Leaf Tea. They have many top-notch varieties to consider, like Earl Grey, Japanese Cherry Sakura, and Berry Patch. You can get yours iced or hot and prepared any way you like it.

Italian Soda
Always bright and refreshing, Italian Sodas promise to put a pep in your step despite the lack of caffeine. To create your drink, you’ll just need to select from all their flavored syrups and let them know if you want it hit with heavy cream. Then, step back and watch in awe as they put carbonated water over ice, add your syrup selections, and top it off with cream – or not.

Although their shop offers cozy spots to sit, the real magic lies in taking your coffee to go. Their Miramar Beach location puts you just one block from the water’s edge, after all. So, take the opportunity to sip on your selections by the oceanfront and enjoy the dazzling view all around.

Insider Tips:
-Follow their Instagram for special offers, like free dog bandanas for National Dog Day. They often announce giveaways there, too.
-Want to enjoy their coffee goodness from the comfort of your own home? Just go to the online shop on their website to buy beans, coffee pods, and so much more. You can even get swag to wear with pride.
-Don’t want dairy? They have many excellent milk substitutes for an extra charge.