Bad Ass Coffee

Bad Ass Coffee: Bringing the Best of Hawaiian Java to Destin
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4 / 5
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Hawaiian brews are a big deal at Bad Ass Coffee, which brings an impressive selection to the heart of Destin. Boasting a diverse menu of hot and cold beverages, this popular shop takes the ordinary out of your morning cup of Joe.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’re a discerning coffee drinker who demands the utmost quality in your morning source of caffeine, you will appreciate the care that goes into every cup served at Bad Ass Coffee. This particular location may be based in Destin, but its coffee hails from Hawaii, which has long been highly regarded for its exceptional beans.

At Bad Ass Coffee in Destin, you’ll be pleased to find a diverse selection, including Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and Kona options. A variety of delicious blends are available, as are several espresso drinks and other coffee-based beverages. As you eye up the available muffins, pastries, and bagel sandwiches, you’ll quickly find yourself compelled to enjoy a snack alongside your drink.

If you’re like many coffee shop enthusiasts, you find ambiance just as important as the drink itself. You won’t be disappointed with the look and feel of Bad Ass Coffee, although it’s not nearly as edgy as its name suggests. Its bright interior includes hints of Hawaiian flair but also feels right at home on the Emerald Coast.

If you demand peace and quiet, you may want to find your coffee elsewhere; during peak breakfast hours, this shop is notoriously busy — and the line can be frustratingly long. This is particularly troublesome in light of the small parking lot. If you’re willing to wait, however, you’ll score a beverage perfectly in keeping with your unique tastes. 

A few of our favorite menu items at Bad Ass Coffee include the following:

Black Widow
If you’re drop-dead tired and desperate for caffeine, this turbocharged drink should do the trick. It comes loaded with the shop’s signature 100 percent Kona coffee — and more importantly, with either four or six shots of espresso. Drink at your own risk — and don’t be surprised if you leave the shop feeling completely wired. 

Polar Bear
Named for its color and not its temperature, this tasty beverage features steamed milk, white chocolate, and just enough espresso to get you going in the morning. A whipped cream topping adds a little sweetness and a lot of fun to transform this into a truly special treat.

Oregon Chai Latte
Java may be the name of the game at Bad Ass Coffee, but plenty of options are available for those who prefer other beverages. This chai latte is especially worth trying, no matter how you feel about coffee or tea. Featuring a sweet, yet slightly spicy tea with steamed milk, this memorable beverage is sure to please.

Kreme de Kona
A clear favorite at Bad Ass Coffee Company, this is just one of several flavored lattes offered at Bad Ass Coffee. It features the perfect blend of white and dark chocolate, along with a delicious hint of vanilla. 

On a hot day in Destin, you might not be particularly eager for steamy beverages. Thankfully, you’ll find a variety of delicious drinks and treats served cold at Bad Ass Coffee. While this particular option is more of a dessert than a drink, it’s still worth trying. If you desire that signature coffee flavor, stick with the Kona mocha version. Otherwise, you’re also welcome to order a vanilla granita. 

Amp up your java with a cup from Bad Ass Coffee, where your drink can be made according to your unique tastes. This Destin gem transforms caffeine consumption from a morning necessity to a memorable experience.

Insider Tips:
– The parking lot at this Bad Ass Coffee location is notoriously small, so consider walking if you’re already in the area. If you’re on the go, it may help to drop somebody off to order multiple drinks, rather than attempt to park and wait in line together.
– Don’t forget to check out the small gift store located within the coffee shop. You’ll find a variety of keepsakes, including shirts, mugs, and, of course, coffee beans. 
– Not only is the patio at this location dog-friendly, water, and even biscuits are provided to keep four-legged visitors happy.